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A review by someone unfamiliar with the source material... 0

Intro I recently decided to give this game a try after hearing (at least mostly) good things via internet reviews and such. Before playing this game I had no idea there was a web comic about Strong Bad and his zany crew of misfits. Honestly the first time I saw this game on the Wii shop Channel, I said “Well that looks stupid”. But after giving it a chance, even as someone who has never seen the source material, I really enjoyed this game. It is basically an adventure/puzzle game that can be rea...

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Strong Bad's Cool Game for People Who Already Like Him 1

In 2006, Telltale Games came up with a formula for creating episodic adventure game series. The first element of this formula involved finding an entertainment property with enough of a fanbase to provide an instant market for their game, but not enough of one to kill their budget with licensing fees. Telltale would then depend on the creator of the franchise to provide the setting, personality, and a fair amount of the game's content, while their people put their efforts into wrapping that cont...

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Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Homestar Ruiner 0

What finally convinced me to buy the rest of the episodes were a couple of deals that together got me them for a mere $13, an offer I really couldn't refuse. The first episode isn't as clever as the fourth that I already played, but I enjoyed it for the couple hours it lasted. It's a bit strange to keep the differences between the two episodes in context, because this is the one that introduces the play style and all the environments, while the fourth puts a twist on the whole thing, dressing ev...

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Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People Review 0

Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People is made by Telltale Games - who master in episodic content. Alongside the popular Sam & Max episodes comes a new line of content, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People. Telltale plans to release five episodic games of Strong Bad, with Homestar Ruiner being the first. Homestar Ruiner takes place in the Strong Bad world - as you would see it in the online episodes. The game will take you to Marzipan’s house, to Bubs’ Stand, and even the King ...

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You cant handle his style 0

Now let me start off by saying I hate point and click adventure. Never liked them. Probally never will.and I'm also not a fan of the whole homestar runner thing either. But something about this game just struck my funny bone. I played the game and actually enjoyed it to quite  a large sum as well. The game doesnt over do it on the extremly complicated things to find and you can even adjust the amount of hints strongbad drops.. The game is chok full of good humar such as his black metal detector ...

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Access Denied! Attracive People Only. 0

It's been a long time since I played my last "adventure game". You see, PC gaming is half-dead and most people do not want to think while playing, they just want to blow stuff up real good. I remember the time when LucasArts made a new adventure game every year, and the level of wrtiting and presentation pretty much equalled today's Pixar animated movies. I mean while their games had fantastic art-design and were technically impressive, they also had awesome cinematic stories and some very neat ...

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SBCGAP: Episode 1 Homestar Ruiner Review 0

First off, this game has a overly long name, so I’m just going to refer to it as Homestar Ruiner or “the game” from here on out.  The game starts out with a typically cheesy sounding, but very funny song from the Homestar Runner universe revolving around Strong Bad telling players to stop trying to handle his style.  That is unless they are an attractive girl of course, in which case they are “cordially invited to take a heaping dose of [his] style”.  Then he proceeds to check his e-mails on his...

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Fans will love it, everyone else probably won't understand it. 0

A game about Strong Bad seems like a great idea. The characters are quirky and offbeat and would fit well into a video game. TellTale games realized this and finally made a "Point and Click" adventure game based off the web cartoon.The game opens with Strong Bad reading an e-mail asking him why he doesn't just pummel HomeStar and get it over with. He then travels down to the race track to beat up HomeStar and learns that a race is being held. You play from there interacting with all the characte...

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Great game, great laughs, but a few bugs 0

I've been anticipating this great game since it's announcement. I knew that it would be everything that I wanted out of a Strong Bad game and well. It delivered. Strong Bads Cool Game for Attractive People Episode One, packs in the fun and comedy of the cartoons, with a great point and click adventure. We see many of our favorite characters, even Homsar. The only fault with the game is that the controls are a little... glitchy. It could be the fact that TellTale is still new to the Wii needs to ...

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Welcome to Homestar Runner Dot Net, it’s Dot Com! 0

Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People is a return for many people.  A return to a series they liked but fell out of, and a return to old school adventure games from the 1990’s that captured our hearts with clever writing and puzzle solving.  The premise of Episode 1 in this 5 part episodic adventure is Homestar Runner falls out of good graces with the rest of the town, leaving him to bunk in Strong Bad’s house, and it is up to Strong Bad to save the day! In the game you point around the s...

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