scoureroflostsouls's Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse (Xbox) review

Chow Down In Punchbowl

Stubbs the Zombie is a veeeerrry veery fun game.
You get to be a zombie. Period.
You can eat brains, hit people, tear off people's arms, posess people, unleash unholy flatulence, roll your head into a crowd of unwitting humans only to make it explode, and throw gut grenades. Go unleash your evil on the good citizens of punchbowl!
Have you ever tried being a zombie? It is very fun... It's also made with the halo engine. Every time you get into a vehicle or posess a human with a gun, it's just like playing Halo again, except you're killing humans and you're the walking undead. Lead your zombie hordes to lunch! It reminds me a lot of Destroy all humans. Perhaps it's a bit easier than DAH, though.. I think the humans were smarter in that..Which says A LOT! haha.
Controls are fine.. I mean, sure you walk at a slow shambling pace a lot of the time, but I'd expect that from a zombie. If you go in one direction for a while though, you break into a zombie sprint, running after humans to devour their spleens! well..brains..
Another thing about Stubbs the zombie is the randomness and the humour. There's humour (No wonder I like it) and when things SEEM bad, you only end up laughing..
Another similarity between stubbs abd Halo is the health. It gows back up if you're hurt after a period of time. Yay.
It's good if you don't have to pay that much. It's also good if you like these kind of games ;)


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