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National Pokedex No. #434
Species: Skunk Pokemon 
Types: Poison/Dark
Abilities: Stench or Aftermath 
Height: 1'04" 
Weight: 42.3 lbs 
It evolves into Skuntank starting at level 34. 
It uses its smell to protect itself from enemies. 
There is no gender differences on this species.

Pokedex Entry

Diamond: It protects itself by spraying a noxious fluid from its rear. The stench lingers for 24 hours.
Pearl: It sprays a nose-curling, stinky fluid from its rear to repel attackers.
Platinum: It sprays a foul fluid from its rear. Its stench spreads over a mile radius, driving Pokemon away. 
HeartGold/SoulSilver: The foul fluid from its rear is so revolting that it can make people feel queasy up to a mile and a quarter away.

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