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Stunt Racer 64 is a racing game, released on the 64 in 2000. Developed by Boss Game Studios and published by Midway.


Stunt Racer consists of racing classic cars that have been modified to perform certain tricks, by using mounted jets.


Stunt Racer 64 has a standard racing story/campaign mode and consists of racing through 5 different leagues. Each league consists of a few races against the AI, and a final race against a "boss" like character, the league owner. Points are gained through winning races win and money is earned by completing each race, complete, the higher the position, the greater the reward. Points work in a similar way to many other racing games that involve grand prix style racing, like in Mario Kart, the position held are at the end of each race decides how many points will be won win for that race. If in first place by points at the end of the races, a challenge is opened up to race the owner of the league. The owner possesses a special car which is not upgradeable, but is unique in that none of the normal computer characters use them, and are received for free.

The five leagues are:

  • Kid Cola's League
  • Bunny's League
  • Hill Bully's League
  • Big John's League
  • Dr. Death's League

In addition to the campaign mode, there is also the option to play against either computers, or up to 3 other players in the quick race mode, which is just like a normal campaign race, but without any point or money rewards. However, the added stress on the N64 caused by the multiple players forces the game to have to remove certain elements of the game, such as some scenery, and even music and sound effects when racing with 3 or 4 players.


SR64's courses are perhaps the most unique aspect of the game. Where most games had courses with little to no eye candy, the areas around the course were boring and uninteresting, SR64's courses feature animated objects all over the course, the track designs flow rather than jerk around like in sim games, and sometimes seem to be coming from a young child's imagination, being almost caricatures of the theme or location they are based on.

Soda Mountain

The first race in contest mode, a roller coaster like ride through a mountain littered with all types of sweets : Gingerbread men, ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, etc. The qualifier at the beginning of the career takes place here.

Giant Toys

Soda Mountain

Perhaps the most memorable of all SR64 courses, this course features toys galore, ranging from giant laughing Teddy Bears, to huge wobbling block towers, to a gigantic train set, and much more.

Medieval Mayhem

A race through what one would believe to be a toddler's idea of Medieval times, firebreathing dragons, castles, and huge flailing battleaxes awaits.

Wild West Ruckus

It's the Old West, Indian villages, steam engines, sharp corners through gold mines, and precarious drops make this course fairly challenging.

Tacky Tiki

A collection of stereotypical Carribean culture, the sharks, pirate ships, and clear blue ocean water are all here.

House Of Horrors

A night race in and out of a haunted house, watch out, Frankenstein, a giant spider and the undead will be after all racers.

Creepy Carnie

Want to go to the fair? Where there are clowns on stilts that sprays fire, out of control ferris wheels, precarious rollercoasters, and a deadly merry-go-round?

Nautical Adventure

The only underwater race in SR64, submarine bases, schools of fish, and attacking sharks can be seen here.

Planet X

Signs that warn the player of the constantly watching overlords, people slaving away at building monuments, and a high-tech community, make this course reminescent of many Sci-Fi books.

Space Race

The most unique course yet, rocket ships are all over, there is a huge city in space, and the player will even ride on the rings of Saturn in this fast-paced course.

Retro Metro

The final course in SR64, and undoubtedly the toughest, it's a race through a futuristic city flying in the sky, high jumps, shortcuts, and harrowing drops make this course a challenge to beat.


A 4-way half-pipe, great for practicing stunts and tricks.

Stunt Bowl*

Another stunt track, this course features ramps and slanted walls the player can drive on, a bit less suited to doing stunts as the player gets less air time off the ramps than on half-pipe.

* Only playable in Quick Race mode.


When a new career is started, the player is able to select one of four starter cars, and as the player progresses and earns cash, other cars can be purchased. Once a bought car is fully upgraded, a "custom" version becomes available, with enhanced stats and more unique styling, these cars cannot be upgraded. Listed next to the car is it's custom equivalent.


Z-Bucket ---> Blown Z-Bucket (Custom "hotrod" Ford Model T)

Warbird Light ---> Warbird Heavy (Ford Thunderbird, First Generation)

Del Raye ---> Del Raye Custom (Chevrolet Bel Air, Model year: 1959)

Stottlemeyer ---> Stottlemeyer EX (Studebaker Commander, Model year: 1950)


Apollo 1 ---> Apollo 2 (Classic 50's rocket looking styling, front resembles a 48'-51' Studebaker Starlight)

Surf South ---> Surf North (Known as a "Woody", 2 door coupe with wood trim.)

Fuzz ---> Super Fuzz (Oldsmobile 88, Police car, Model year: 1954)

Desperado ---> Desperado Deluxe (Cadillac Eldorado, Model year: 1959)

Bumpkin ---> Atomic Bumpkin (A rusted Ford model A pickup truck)

Scimitar ---> Scimitar Insane (Limosuine like luxury car, resembles a Mercedes-Benz)

Cockroach ---> Cockroach Extreme (Volkswagen Beetle)

Hysterion ---> Hyperion (Plymouth Prowler)


Twisted Edge

A snowboard floating between a set of wheels. Unlocked by entering the name as BUCKYB in the career mode.

Milk Truck

An old style milk truck, with a hood air scoop. Unlocked if one names their character MOOOOO ( 5 O's) as their name at the beginning of career mode.

Automatron Deluxe

A car styled similarly to the Lincoln Futura concept car or the Batmobile from Adam West's series. Won by beating Kid Cola.

Dreamy Super Jock

Sports car unlocked after beating Bunnie's league.

Midnight Hauler

A Tucker Torpedo won from Hill Bully.

Burly Studmobile

Won from Big John, looks like a Rambler Marlin, but has a hood air intake and a spoiler.

The Wagon of Doom

Car won from Dr. Death, styled with skulls, and tailfins.


A McLaren F1, the fastest car in the game by far, but is not able to gain enough air to do stunts very well, and thus is not the best car to choose for racing if the intent is doing stunts to make money. Unlocked when all five leagues have been beaten.

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