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Not such a bad game - SoylentGreen!

Picked it up for $10, was kinda interested despite the low ratings.   I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.  I enjoyed exploring, building up the characters and figuring out how to approach each battle.

The main issue with the game is the combat gets a bit repetitive and predictable - you enter an area, the barriers go up to close it off and your characters draw theirs weapons.  Given the amount of backtracking in the game it's a bit of a chore to travel through the same area and fight the same battle over and over again.

About 2/3 of the way through the story it became a lot harder and more intense – more battles at each stage.  Still enjoying it the last 1/3 but was a bit more of a grind.  You need to figure out an effective battle strategy for each combo of characters. Last battle was really tough and needed a strategy from online FAQ. Overall this game was a LOT of fun.

My 14 year old son ridicules my ownership of this game - so here's to you SoylentGreen and go Sudeki!


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