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Sugoro Quest: The Quest of Dice Heros (sic) is a combination role-playing/board game. Movement is determined by a dice roll across a map which has various spaces the players can move around on, ala a board game. At the beginning of the game each player picks the character they will use; in addition, players gain and utilize strange creatures called "dicemen" as they progress through the game. The dicemen come in great variety, with different functions and specialties. Some, of course, are much better than others.  
The forest area of Sailand. 
As was previously mentioned, advancement through a "board" is determined by dice rolls. There are a variety of different spaces to land on; the most common type of space is a "blank" space which will generally either result in a healing pool or a monster encounter. There is (atypically) no upward cap for HP and MP (although different characters do have different amounts of HP and MP at the start of a stage, based on who they are and what level they are), so if a player continually gets lucky and lands on healing pools, they can build up quite a bit of HP! 

A battle against a petit goblin and his diceman. 
When a player encounters a monster, either from a random encounter or a set encounter, battle is initiated. Battle is determined by dice rolls; should players roll a tie, each player gets an additional roll and whoever wins has their damage multiplied. Monsters will sometimes flat out cheat, either bumping their dice to try and "re-roll", which can admittedly backfire on them.. or by simply hurling their dice at the player in an effort to knock them out cold and get free rolls! Spells are another battle option, and they use their own set of dice which level independently of the attack dice. Items can be used in addition to the player's other actions; item usage does not cost a "turn" of play.


 Fighter: He has come to Sailand to prove he's the strongest hero around. He has strong physical attacks.  
The fighter learns heal early on, but has less MP than some other characters MP; considering his focus on physical attacks, he often needs to save what little MP he has for healing. When very highly leveled he learns the incredibly useful dicecast spell. He is supposed to be the "balanced" character.
Dwarf: He simply wants to explore the world and enjoy new experiences. He has very high attack and high HP, even to start with. However, he has even less MP than the fighter and never learns dicecast, which can be a fatal flaw.
Elf: Boasting of her excellent memory, The Elf is the best magic user. She has the largest library of spells, the most MP, and learns dicecast at a middle level. Her body is quite weak though, so she has low HP and physical attack power.
Half elf: The sneaky and rowdy half elf simply wants to find lots of treasure and get rich. She has a good balance of physical power and magical power, and learns "dicecast" very quickly!




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