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Designed by Orange_Juice and sold as a PC doujin title at Comiket 69 SUGURI was later published by Rockin' Android for NA release. SUGURI is a side scrolling shooter with a Match mode that led to two PC/PS3 fighting game styled shooters, Acceleration Of SUGURI and Acceleration Of SUGURI 2. SUGURI also has a PC spiritual successor called SORA that retains a more traditional bullet hell format with an expanded Match mode that reflects the Acceleration games.



Earth was nearly brought to it's destruction by a series of wars. A majority of the surviving population set for space to find a new way to live abandoning the earth. The remaining people few and determined devised a plan to restore the earth to it's former self. With "Project One" set into motion, scientists struggled to create a being that could restore the earth. Soon after a single scientist succeeded and Suguri was altered for the task. Generations later Suguri finally finishes restoring the earth to a suitable place to live. War returns to earth once again, this time by an invading force from space. Suguri will fight a little war on the new earth alone.

Game Play


Weapons can be unlocked either by completing or dying on a stage as long as you reach the results screen you may unlock a weapon. Suguri can equip two weapons at a time. It's possible to link some weapon attacks.

Auto Lock On

Suguri is always locked on to an enemy on screen. This allows for a play style not often seen in a bullet hell.


A burst of speed to evade enemy attacks. Suguri can dash through most energy based attacks but will take more damage from non-energy based attacks. Dash canceling out of attacks is possible.

Heat Gauge

While dashing the heat gauge rises putting Suguri at risk of taking more damage. Normal movement and being still allows Suguri to cool off.

Game Modes


Select one of seven unlocked stages to play through.


Play through all seven stages start to finish to tally a high score.


Battle defeated bosses again. Special difficulty can be unlocked for this mode after 100 plays of SUGURI.

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