Is there any reason this isn't on PSN yet?

#1 Posted by Vrikk (988 posts) -

The first one is, and this game is insanely expensive to grab as a legit copy.

#2 Posted by AuthenticM (3812 posts) -

Nope. No good reason at all. I guess Konami is not interested in easy money.

#3 Posted by StarvingGamer (8603 posts) -

Yeah, it sucks, one of the few PSOne games I'd fork up money for on PSN.

Write your letters!

#4 Posted by Delsaber (201 posts) -

The only reasons I can possibly imagine would be licensing or royalties.

That said, we don't know how much Sony charges publishers for PSN listings. It's possible that Konami, in all their infinite wisdom, doesn't see the upside to it if that figure is too high. Especially if not enough people bought the original Suikoden when it went up on PSN.

...probably still more likely that we'll get Suikoden II eventually than any of the PS2 sequels.

#5 Posted by Brodehouse (10251 posts) -

I bet Konami can't find the fucking master copy. You can't just grab a consumer disc and dump it, you have to make sure it's the master.

#6 Posted by probablytuna (3906 posts) -

On a slightly related note, I want to know why Final Fantasy V isn't compatible with Vita and yet VI, VII, VIII and IX are all fine! I've been dying to play V on the Vita so I can continue my marathon and right now I'm stuck playing it on my shitty PSP screen.

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