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Still One of the Best 1

Review written 5-6-2006.Pros: Excellent music. Great characters. Castle developing along with your army is a great feature. Excellent story of war and betrayal. Three different battle systems party, duel, and army.  All characters have unique weapons which are sharpened at a blacksmith instead of buying new equipment. 108 Characters, most can be used in your party.Cons: Harder to find and costs more than most older games, army Vs army battles are extremely easy, music lacks in dungeons, all good...

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Great Nostalgia, Aged Moderately Well 0

Suikoden was one of the first RPGs that I played as a young gamer.   Although I didn't know it back then, this game would end up pretty atypical of many RPGs of the time:  Battles where playable characters can (and very often do) die, characters with a surprising amount of depth for such a massive cast, the ability to not kill major enemies, and more.  The interesting thing is that even with all these oddities the game is very very much an old-school JRPG.  The combat is turn-based, you have an ...

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Suikoden was an average RPG at best. 0

I have some mixed feelings about Suikoden, I liked the battle system, it reminded me of Breath of Fire a little bit. I liked the "Unite" attacks too, but they seemed underutilized in this game, not quite the power that Chrono Trigger had or anything. You could only use the Unite attacks with relating characters, say for example the two fishing brothers, if you have them on your party then they can both use a special attack unqiue to them. Otherwise, the battle system is very basic and very easy ...

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A great game 0

Welcome to a world where you join a young hero and his friends on a quest of might and magic, as you fight your way through political schemes, corruption, revolution and mystical orbs.Story:Suikoden is a game loosely based on a classical Chinese novel named Shui Hu Zuhan. The novel details the trials and tribulations of 108 outlaws and it from this Konami and Suikoden borrowed the concept of the 108 Stars of Destiny. That is what I know about that.You start by naming the young hero (his name is ...

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