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Sukeban Deka II: Shoujo Tekkamen Densetsu ("Delinquent Girl Cop: Legend of the Maiden's Iron Mask") is a game based on the Sukeban Deka license, specifically that of the TV show remake in the 80s which was named Sukeban Deka II (which is why this game has no predecessor despite being a "II"). The series follows a Japanese schoolgirl who has chosen to fight crime after flaunting the law herself one too many times. Her only notable characteristic, as far as this game is concerned, is the use of a weaponized metal yo-yo to pummel her foes.


The game is one part brawler, pitting the main character Suki against either a wave of criminals which she must defeat en masse or a single boss with a considerable amount of strength and health. The rest of the game is presented as a first-person adventure game, like Portopia and other text and point and click adventures available for Japanese home computers at the time. The player's actions in one mode generally leads them to the other, as enemies are met in the adventure's story and are then summarily dealt with in the brawler mode.

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