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The player controls the Arabian who must jump his way through a variety of environments in order to save the princess that has been captured by a band of crows. The only way he can safely make it though each level is to collect the letters hidden in different vases. Once he does that he may proceed to the next level.


This is pretty much a exact copy of the game Donkey Kong with a different theme. This means the Arabian can only jump over enemies rather than attack them directly and has to evade a lot in order to collect the vases scattered around each level. Each environment has a different type of object that he can climb: For instance, in the first level he has to scale the poles of the ship in order to collect everything. On level 3 he will also have to deal with flying carpets that he must scale to reach all of the letters. Once he gets past the 4 levels they will start to repeat until the player has run out of lives.


  • Small Crows: They walk around the level going up and down to stop the Arabian's progress. They will periodically fly directly at him from wherever they are in the level.
  • Pink Monsters: Most of the time they just go back and forth. But sometimes they will jump at the Arabian instead of letting him jump over them.
  • Giant Crow: He stays the the top of the screen. Going back and forth. For whatever reason he doesn't attack the Arabian unless he runs into him.

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