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This was the 3rd game for the SNES that was released in Japan and Europe in 1995. It still has the Story Mode and Battle Mode but Batttle Mode can be played up to 5 players on one console (via Multitap).


The story takes place after the events of Super Bomberman 2 where the Five Dastardly Bombers were defeated. Bagular had found the bodies of the Dastardly Bombers in a junk-yard and decides to take them back to his UFO ship to repair and revive them. As this was happening, both the White and Black Bomber had found out about this revival the pair of them set out so seek out Bagular and defeat him.

There are 6 worlds in which the the players must explore (including the last world which appears after beating the 5th world). The change they've made to this game is that the player can enter previous levels that have been completed but once the boss for the fifth world is completed, they cannot go back and must proceed with the 6th world.

  • Stage 1: Swamp Attack
  • Stage 2: Firestorm
  • Stage 3: Deep Sea
  • Stage 4: Pyramid
  • Stage 5: Winterland
  • Stage 6: Battleship


The game still played the same as previous Bomberman games with the top down perspective view, running around dropping bombs. It also introduced helper kangaroos (a.k.a Louies) to the game. These are found when blowing up soft blocks but they are first seen in an egg form. Once the player reaches the eggs, a kangaroo appears and the bomberman automatically jumps on one, ready to use. These are helpful because they also act like a shield, meaning that if a flame hits the kanagroo-riding bomberman, the kanagroo will sacrifice itself to save you. There are 5 kangaroos that can be used:

  • Yellow Kangaroo - Can punch soft blocks in a straight line.
  • Green Kangaroo - Can dash in a straight line until stopped by block or wall.
  • Brown Kangaroo - Can drop maximum bombs in a straight line.
  • Blue Kangaroo - Can punch bombs, the equivalent of the boxing glove powerup.
  • Pink Kangaroo - Can jump over blocks.

Battle Mode

Battle Mode has returned from previous modes whereas now, up to 5 players can play instead of 4. They've also customized the characters as well (only by appearance). The player(s) can now choose by which country they represent otherwise known as World Bombers:

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