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Super Collapse! is a puzzle game developed and published by GameHouse for the PC.

While Super Collapse! is the first game in the series sold at retail, it is the second game in the series. The first Collapse! game was a browser based flash game that was on many flash game sites. The game would be followed up a year later by Super Collapse! II.


The goal in Super Collapse! is to survive a set amount of lines that will be added to the playfield. The playfield starts with only one row of colored blocks at the bottom and will rise up adding more blocks.

Blocks can be cleared if there are three or more of the same colored blocks touching one another and is then clicked on by the player.

Power Ups

There are bomb power ups that will randomly appear among the colored blocks. These bombs will be either a regular black bomb or a special colored bomb.

Black Bombs

The black colored bombs will explode when clicked on, destroying the surrounding blocks. The black bombs can also be used like a wild block. If two or more colored blocks are touching the bomb, they can be clicked on and the bomb will count in that block.

Colored Bombs

The other kind of bomb is a colored bomb. One of these bombs will randomly spawn in the game as the same color as one of the colors of blocks in the playfield. If one of these blocks are clicked on it will remove all the blocks in the playfield of the same color.

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