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Super Dragon Ball Z is a 3D fighting game based off of the Dragon Ball Z license released in arcades and later on the Playstation 2. Noritaka Funamizu, famous for developing Street Fighter II, was head of development for the game. Though the game is cel-shaded like other 3D Dragon Ball games, it bases itself on the Dragon Ball manga as opposed to the animated series.

The game uses four buttons - Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Block, Jump, - and other techniques can be done by doing combination of those four buttons.

Goku, fighting Piccolo.
Goku, fighting Piccolo.
Super Dragon Ball Z plays very similar to games in the Street Fighter franchise. A lot of dragon punch and hadoken style motions are used for certain moves in the game - as a matter of fact, Goku actually has a dragon punch in the game. Another thing that makes Super Dragon Ball Z closer to Street Fighter or actually many fighting games, is it has a super meter that built up when the player's character is getting damage or attacks for super attacks or if you're playing as Sayian character it is use for turning Super Sayian.

The game has a stamina meter that is use for dash and dash attacks, and it is also use for floating up in the air - the meter recovers in a short amount of time.

Game Modes
  • Dragon Summoning: In this mode, the player can collect seven Dragon Balls that can be use to make a wish to Shenron. The wishes contain more colors for character's outfit, unlockable moves, decrese recover time on the stanima meter, and many others.

  • Customize: The player can choose a character to built up for the other modes of play. in the arcade or in the Z Survivor mode, the player's character's power level is show on a scouter before a match; it also show the unlockable techniques that was unlock from the Dragon Summoning mode.

  • Z Survivor: It's basically a survivor mode. When the player wins a match, the player goes through a mini game of roulette. The prizes contain the chance to win a Dragon Ball, experience points, and many others.

The game's art style is base off the Dragon Ball Z manga. The menu are in the style of comic book panels and some of the visuals are in comic book style.


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