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Super Dyna'mix Badminton is the first game for the Famicom to cover the sport of badminton. It was created by the developer/publisher team Pax Softnica and Vap Inc., previously behind Super Real Baseball '88.

The game is depicted by a side-view, more commonly associated with volleyball video games than tennis video games, the latter favoring a viewpoint from behind one of the competitors. This comparison is also true for the sport of badminton itself, which has a similar focus on performing hard-to-counter spike attacks close to the net in order to score points. Because of the irregular flight path of a shuttlecock, the player needs to focus more on its shadow than the projectile itself in order to play effectively.

Though the game has options for both male and female characters every character sprite is the same androgynous black-haired person. The only real change is that games are shorter for female competitors as they would be in real life. The game also allows for four different "coats" on the main menu - as these change the venue the competitors are playing in, this is presumably a mistranslation of "courts".

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