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The Six-Sided Rave 1

Move through the gaps. That's all there is to it.I want you to imagine playing a game of precision co-ordination in a nightclub full of pulsing lights and throbbing music while being repeatedly spun around on a swivel chair. If said fantasy sounds nightmarish and unfair to you then you might want to sit this one out, but if that sounds like a rip-roaring good time then here’s Super Hexagon, an abstract indie game based around reflexes and spacial awareness. Playing Super Hexagon is elegantly sim...

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Incredibly difficult, but extremely enjoyable 0

This game is probably the funnest I've had with a game in quite some time. It's the minimalistic approach to a puzzler that really got me to invest over 3 hours. 3 hours well spent, as I thought only 30 minutes had gone by. There is no EASY MODE in this game, it's straight to the point and it forces you to adjust to it's element from the get go. You'll find yourself dead more times than you can count, but it somehow isn't frustrating. The sound track leaves you cheerful and really fits the mood ...

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Excellent. 0

Terry Cavanagh is a genius. He is also a motherfucker. Let me explain.distractionware's second commercial release, Super Hexagon is an immediately accessible game - its simple controls allow anyone with a grasp of the left and right arrow keys to play it, and its trippy, neon visuals and throbbing, ravey chiptune soundtrack are appealing from the start - and yet it is a game that will make you love and hate it in equal measure.Everything about Super Hexagon's presentation is aesthetically pleasi...

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Mindblowing 0

Minimalistic hypnotical game that gets you in a trance once you concentrate enough to atually last more than 5 seconds of gameplay. The music that accompanies the game fits right in and helps you to beat the closing hexagons that you have to avoid.You use only your left and right keys to move your triangle that rotates around a central hexagon finding the gap to avoid collision with the closing parts. The game has a really fast turnaround time and most games don't last much more than 20 seconds....

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pc 1

Je m'appelle Matéo Vitry.J'ai 10 ans.Je vais à l'école Emilie Moreau.Et je vais au collège Julliette Dodu.J'ai cinq copains :jérémie,sébastien ,arthur ,théo et rayan.J'aime la piscine ,la plage et tous les aliments.Et aussi les jeux vidéo....

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