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Super K.O Boxing 2 is a boxing game developed and published by Glu Mobile for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.

In Super K.O Boxing 2 the playable character is the K.O. Kid. The K.O. Kid returns to the ring to face the most vile boxers in the world. These boxers use sneaky tactics and dirty distractions to K.O the kid for good! To be the champion of Super Boxing, figuring out how to evade, stun, and punch is the Kid's way to the championship. When the time is right, use the super punch to knock 'em out!

15 Dangerous Opponents

Go toe-to-toe against a huge cast of dangerous boxers, each with their own unique moves and personalities. Including Shogun, 15 Cent, and Ka-Rak Ubones. All opponents will be listed below, including strategic help tips.

Circuit 1

Big Gip

Challenge Restrictions

- Must Total Knock Out (T.K.O)

- Win In Round 1

- No super punches

Big Gip's fight is terrific for starting out the game. Begin practicing on all of your current moves. E.g. Low and high punches, evading, and blocking. Start out by giving Gip a rude awakening of 5 high punches to the head, and 5 low punches to the stomach. Be careful, during the 2nd and 3rd time Gip gets back up, he will use his gun holster attack. If this happens evade left or right, judging from where he is going to attack. After evading his special move, repeat the 5 high and low punches to defeat the first opponent.

El Bulli

Challenge Restrictions

- Win in round 1

- No ultimate super punch

- Extra Damage

- Must T.K.O (Total Knock Out)

At the beginning of the match, evade El Bulli's hook punches. Once he swings, High Punch him in his head. Then taunt, to increase the super meter. Continue this strategy, while adding max super punches. Once he gets up from being knocked down, watch out for his special move. To know when he does the move, watch for his mustache to twitch. To easily knock him down, low punch him in the stomach.


Challenge Restrictions

- Win in round 1

- Can't evade

- Can't dodge

- Extra Damage

Start by, high punching Dynamo in his face until he starts evading. Stop for just a second, then throw another high punch. Continue this process until the Kid defeats him. If you do the process right, then he won't even touch you.

Circuit 2

15 Cent

Challenge Restrictions

- No super punches Or Ultimate Punch

- Can't get up

- Use dizzy combo

Start by evading all of 15 cent's punches. The kid shouldn't block or be hit. Every time the KId gets hit, it gives 15 cents more time to use his special move. The Kid should evade 15's slaps and counter moves. Delivering a combo punch to the head. Remember to stop once you see the stars on the screen. Then use the dizzy knock down: Right hook, left hook, Right Hook. Continue this process and 15 cent will have nothing to his name.


Challenge Restrictions

- Can't Get Hit

Chief is simple and easy to beat. Combo punch him (right hook, left hook, right hook) and remember to taunt to get the ultimate super punch meter up. Once it is at the max, then hold the button down until you see the white flash. Then release it to let the pain begin.

Voo Dude

Challenge Restrictions

- Must T.K.O (Total Knock Out) or K.O

- No Dizzy Combo

Begin the match by using the combo punch (right hook, left hook, right hook). When Voo Dude begins to block hit him in the stomach with a low punch. Continue to do this process, however be carful when he begins his special move. You can't punch him out of it, or else he will just counter attack you. So wait and at the right moment evade to the left, so that Kid won't get cursed and get his health knocked out by a little bit. Pay attention to the skulls that go into his left hand or right hand. If it goes into his left hand evade to the left same goes for the right hand. Keep taunting him to get the super meter up to level 3, then let him have his fate!

Ka-rak Ubones

Challenge Restrictions

- Can not Block

- Must K.O

To defeat this huge opponent it will require knowledge and skill. The Kid will have to watch out for his special move, the falling rubble move. When Ka-rak jumps off screen, watch carefully. A small pieces of Rock Rubble will fall from the sky, they are harmless however this will tell you where the rocks are going to fall. Dodge right or left accordingly. Always taunt when you have the chance, and use the super punches to K.O Ka-rak.


Challenge Restrictions

- Can't Get Hit

To defeat Shogun, Block all Light Mode Attacks, and Evade all dark mode attacks. Keep this up to T.K.O the mighty Shogun.

Circuit 3

Sake Bomb


Dr. Voo Dude

King Tub

El Diablo

The Shogun



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