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Super Lode Runner is a part of the Lode Runner series, specifically the Arcade spin-off series Irem created after acquiring the license rights to make their own versions of Broderbund's Lode Runner franchise in their native Japan. Super Lode Runner is a home version compilation of several of the Arcade Lode Runners' stages, comprising something like a "best of" of Irem's series. The game was followed with another Famicom Disk System compilation, Super Lode Runner II. Neither of these games would be released outside of Japan, due to the agreement with Broderbund.


As with all Lode Runner games, the object is to collect all the gold in the stage without touching any of the robot enemies or letting the main character become trapped. Often, this requires some precise planning and execution from the player, as some gold can only be acquired by temporarily trapping the robots that have collected it.

The player character can scale ladders and dig holes, and these holes allow the player to drop down to lower levels as well as temporarily trap the enemy robots. Robots stuck down holes can be walked over and this the only circumstance where it is safe to touch one. Should the player collect all the gold in a stage, the exit ladder appears somewhere and the player must reach it to successfully move onto the next stage.

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