E3 2011: Super Mario Trailer

#1 Edited by Crono (2762 posts) -

My original comment did not do this trailer justice so I edited it to be more appropriate: Cool.

#2 Posted by Xtrminatr (276 posts) -

Game looks smooth and fun

#3 Posted by Eljay (164 posts) -

I really don't want to be excited for another Mario game, but there's just too much magic in the formula to resist it.

#4 Posted by Chewii101 (867 posts) -

Catchy tune 

#5 Posted by Funger (36 posts) -

Is it me, or does the gameplay look...slow?  While I realize I am in no position to judge, I get the impression that controls don't feel very tight.  Hope I'm proven wrong.

#6 Posted by DestroJr (24 posts) -

Goombas can get raccoon tails (@00:32)! Ohhhhh shiiiiiiitttttttttttt!

#7 Posted by Mojokilla (48 posts) -

If this came out with the 3DS I would have actually bought one... 

#8 Posted by oldjack327 (140 posts) -

Looks, kind of like a new Galaxy game. But with Tanooki suits, obviously.

#9 Posted by amomjc (978 posts) -
@DestroJr said:

Goombas can get raccoon tails (@00:32)! Ohhhhh shiiiiiiitttttttttttt!

Likewise, this looks awesome, I can't believe I am finally happy to have a 3DS!
#10 Posted by mrfluke (5661 posts) -

easily the most anticipated 3ds title

#11 Posted by DestroJr (24 posts) -

@csoup: Haha indeed. My spirits have been raised significantly in the past day, in regards to my 3DS which had mostly been functioning as an expensive pedometer. Hah. But now... now I finally have some games on it worth playing (okay okay, I admit to not giving all the launch titles a fair chance, will pick up some of em eventually), yay Nintendo eshop!

#12 Posted by DestroJr (24 posts) -

@Funger: I've generally noticed in most videos that Nintendo (and other companies) make, they generally tone down the movement and stuff if they are not trying to pass off the game as being super hectic. We shall see when the game is released, but I'm guessing that if you put the stick at full tilt, Mario will run just as fast as he has in the previous couple of games. Heres hoping anyways.

#13 Posted by Roddykat (258 posts) -

Almost got me. Had a tinge when I saw the Tanooki suit. *smh*

#14 Posted by shakesvoltage (55 posts) -

Fuck. Now I'm going to buy a 3DS.

#15 Posted by Scarlet_Rogue (532 posts) -

Finally! A Mario game without a stupid gimmick like a super soaker backpack or spherical levels! This looks like the 3D mario game I always wanted (was always a litttle disappointed with Mairo 64 back on the N64)

#16 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

This looks... awesome. 

#17 Posted by JJOR64 (19548 posts) -

I want this game so bad right now.  Going to jizz in my pants when I play it.

#18 Posted by ShadowKnight508 (679 posts) -

Another irresistible reason for me to get a 3DS...the remake of Snake Eater almost had me buying this, but now this new Mario game will definitely have me buying a 3DS this year.

#19 Edited by maxB (334 posts) -

Looks awesome, Raccoon suit!

#20 Posted by JetForceGemini (175 posts) -
@Funger: It really does look slow. The camera is also very close and looks fixed.
#21 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2454 posts) -

That looks as good as Mario Galaxy but with Super Mario 4 items. I need it.

#22 Posted by KickahaOta (159 posts) -

Between this and Sly Cooper 4, this is shaping up to be a banner year for furries. :)

#23 Edited by MeatSim (10995 posts) -

Correct choice putting the raccoon suit in this game.

#24 Posted by Deathpooky (1506 posts) -

Oh Nintendo. I complain about you milking your IPs and never doing anything new, never providing other games for your systems, and making me pay for nostalgia.

But then you show me a Tanooki suit and I cave like a motherfucker.

#25 Posted by OneManX (1709 posts) -

Racoon Mario, fuck hell yeah I NEED IT!!!!! I need to find my 3DS

#26 Posted by ArclightBorealis (1722 posts) -

The music makes me so happy :)

#27 Posted by SkinnyBlue (331 posts) -

...okay...okay, I'll buy a 3DS now.

#28 Posted by Eyz (469 posts) -

Everything I always wanted Mario 64 to be!!
(yeah, I admit it, I never liked it much...too much uncontrollable and serious lack of sidescrollin' around..)

#29 Posted by thenexus (379 posts) -

Be it in 2D or 3D this will be a 5Star game, sell very well and be loved and be one of a number of great Mario Titles.
Simple as that really. This will be one of the things to help drive 3DS Titles just as other Mario games have in the past for their respective platform.
Sad thing is, these and only a handful of other titles drive the hardware sales. To little games on Nintendo Platforms bar these do.

#30 Posted by SBYM (1203 posts) -
Do the fucking Mario.
#31 Posted by Geralt (364 posts) -

The day had come when I don't care about Mario game anymore

God I'm old :1

#32 Posted by ZRLeigh (52 posts) -

Looks great, can't wait to see more of this game!

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