Shiny Stars on profile screen?

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Hey GBers,

I'm about to get to beat the last level and I've read that if you beat every level whilst dying no more than 5 times then the stars that appear when you choose your save file become SHINY!!!

I've searched high and dry but haven't found any screenshots or videos of the shiny stars anywhere......hence I'm inclined to believe that the shiny stars are just a massive load of BULLSHIT.

Can anyone prove me wrong? I'd love to see a screen of the shiny stars if anyone has managed to earn them :)

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Late reply but yeah, the shiny stars are real. You can't die more than 5 times on any level on your first play through the entire game. To my knowledge you don't have to do this through the special worlds, only normal worlds 1-8. Here is a video showing shiny stars:

To make things easier just save before playing a course, then exit and re-enter the entire game if you die more than five times in that course. It bypasses the whole 'don't die more than 5 times' thing.

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