Super Mario 3D Land - New Trailer & Gameplay

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Here's a cool new trailer and an assortment of new gameplay clips...

Super Mario 3D Land is out in Japan on November 3rd, North America on the 13th, and Europe on November 18th. Australians will have to wait until the 24th.

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Game looks kind of fun. Might buy a DS for this.

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I'm really liking the look of this game.

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New trailer

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I'm tempted to get a 3DS but I think I'll wait a year.

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Boomerang Suit Confirmed

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Gah, of course this is in November too. When the fuck is Mario Kart? If it's before X-Mas too I doubt I'll get this game.

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Mario Kart 7 is out in December.

New Super Mario 3D Land Screens

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The Spiky Balls US Advert, is so 80's...

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