What in the world happens after World 8?

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Ben Kuchera says that his goal of finishing in one sitting became "laughable" after finishing World 8, IGN is holding off on their video review because the most impressive parts of this game come after World 8... I'm sure it's just mirror worlds or something, but it's cool that Nintendo is able to make games that are just fun for long-ass periods of time.

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World 9 happens!

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Turns out Princess Peach was a fascist dictator. Mario teams up Bowser to to assault the Mushroom Kingdom and on the way they find death-camps for Gombas. When you finally confront Peach, Luigi turns on you, kills Bowser and fights Mario. Mario beats him but Luigi falls off of the castle balcony and seemingly dies. Princess Peach shoots herself in the head rather than give up. Mario walks out the castle battered and beaten, as he passes Princess Daisy (who was funding Bowser's war) she asks him where he will go. Mario replies, "I don't know. But I'm done with this godforsaken world." and walks off into the sunset.

Kinda strange that it got a E now that you think about it.

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One word: Statue

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@BamSaidTheLady said:

One word: Statue

Welcome to Giant Bomb. Great first post.

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You unlock Special worlds 1 through 8. They're totally new worlds. And you have to rescue Luigi.

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