mario_galaxy_fan's Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64) review

Mario enters the world of 3D gamming in style..

Super Mario 64 is an awesome game and one of the finest achievements ever in gaming and here's why.


Well Mario is invited to Peaches Castle for a Cake but when he gets there she is trapped in a painting and the only way tro get here back is to get stars and defeat Bowser 3 times.

The gameplay is fantastic the control system suits this game in incredibly well you know why Nintendo created the controller like they did. You don't get the range of power ups like Super Mario Bros 3 you get only a few but you have to collect stars and sometimes it takes alot of skill.  You have to go in paintings and collect 7 in most levels.  The controls give Mario the chance to puch,kick and ground pound. He has new power ups like a wing cap but unlike the prevoius flying  power ups this can only be used for a period of time and then theres the metal cap makes Mario walk underwater and the invisiblity cap which lets him walk through certain areas but to get all these you have to hit switches to activate the power ups.. The bosses are nicely designed. The levels are nicely designed you get water,ice,fire,desert and sky levels and they are al nicely designed and it gives you the oppotunity to explore.

The sound is beautiful and has a nice set of nice tunes. The graphics are really good and go well with the game.

This game is the best way to go into 3D for one of gamming best characters. The game is always a joy to play it has so many wonderful moments and so many different types of levels and it is just fun to run around in glorius 3D. This game set the benchmark for not just 3D platformers but for how a game should be in 3D and not many have matched its greatness.


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