terdman's Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64) review

Greatest game of all time

This is the gretest game of all time. You will git hooked onthis game forever I dont care who you are you will fall in love with this game. There are so many secrets in this game you wont be able to comprehend it. I dont git why they wnt make a remake of super mario 64 its the greatest game of all time onestly though its a bit difficult at times it took me awhile to play it but then again i was 12 and playing the game everday after school i couldnt stop playing it. So ifyou ever come across Super mario64 then BUY IT!!!! Youll love it.

Posted by JonathanMoore

Did you know originally there was going to be a sequel released for this game on the Nintendo 64? Either way good review, although personally I prefer Mario Galaxy to this, but still amazing.

-- God Bless.

Posted by wildmatt

Review's too short to justify the "Greatest game of all time" title you're giving this game. Sorry but waste of time even clicking here.

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