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171270 karolina788 Game Overview lkcas 04/09/15 04:07AM 0 Approved
170189 DeF New Release 04/02/15 04:55PM 7 Approved
170188 DeF New Release 04/02/15 04:55PM 7 Approved
170187 DeF New Release 04/02/15 04:54PM 7 Approved
170186 DeF New Release 04/02/15 04:53PM 7 Approved
170047 ReverendHunt Game Overview Surprised nobody added the Wii U version yet. It's literally in the eShop right now. 04/01/15 11:11PM 2 Approved
165904 prosthetichead Game Overview added platformer genre 03/07/15 08:24PM 2 Approved
156028 Tgrills Game Overview 01/25/15 01:30PM 12 Approved
145526 Mento Game Releases Amended N64 JP. 11/12/14 11:03AM 2 Approved
141185 Deathawk Game Overview 10/13/14 02:04PM 7 Approved
134531 endoworks Game Overview Adding Credits for Mario 64. First shot at doing these. More to come later. 09/05/14 11:56PM 50 Approved
126006 Slag Game Overview There was an instance of second person I removed from the page. 08/02/14 02:35PM 1 Approved
114767 LiquidSaiyan3 Game Overview Added Wii Shop platform 06/14/14 03:43PM 3 Approved
111699 MasturbatingestBear Game Overview 06/03/14 01:37PM 1 Approved
101495 ObjectiveCaio Game Overview Missing info 04/22/14 09:50AM 10 Approved
101409 AegisToast Game Overview 04/22/14 12:35AM 2 Approved
35932 Bidulz Game Overview Source: . Removed other bullet point because it became redundant. 06/13/13 02:19AM 15 Approved
33777 mmanplaier Game Overview >:) 06/03/13 10:09AM 1 Denied
32654 TechnoSyndrome Game Releases This should really be deleted since it's just duplicate data, but while it's stuck here I'm changing it to the Chinese version of the game, despite China not being a supported region on the wiki 05/28/13 01:52AM 16 Approved
32653 TechnoSyndrome Game Releases 05/28/13 01:48AM 1 Approved
7594 Jagged85 Game Overview 02/22/13 10:57PM 2 Approved
3292 Bartman3010 Game Overview 02/16/13 12:59AM 8 Approved
1859 Gill Game Releases Added additional release data. 02/14/13 08:02AM 103 Approved

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