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8 Worlds and 19 Years Later...: A Review of Super Mario Bros. 3 0

Oh yes. This is what it's all about, guys - this is where it's at. Super Mario Bros. 3. The classic Mario path from which Super Mario Bros. 2 deviated is now back in full-force with the entry of Super Mario Bros. 3 to the legendary series. Goombas? Check. Turtles? Check. Bullet Bill? Check. Super Mushrooms, Starmen, Fire Flowers? Check, check, and check. It's all back, plus so many more enemies and items alike, it'll keep you occupied for hours - literally. Assuming you give the game a complete ...

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Frog suits and anecdotes. A not-too-professional review. 0

So here we have a game that the Guinness Book of World Records proudly proclaims to be the best selling game of all time. When I went to the Guinness museum in , they had a nice little display with a Game Boy Advance set up for anyone that wanted to play Mario 3 for themselves. And while I was eager to sit down and play through the entire game in that one sitting like the platforming geek that I am, this was New Year’s Eve and we were quickly running out of year. So I had to be on my merry way a...

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When People talk Mario, they Mean Mario 3 0

Whenever anyone talks about Mario their memory isn't of 1 or 2; its not thinking about 64 or Sunshine; not his parties or his go-karts; not of his amazing (and surprising) athletic prowess and finesse... no, not at all.  These people are thinking about Mario 3.Mario 3 is Mario's magnum opus.  It is the cream of the cream.  The game defies any real description as mere mortal words cannot adequately describe the pristine perfect playability that is Super Mario Bros. 3.  While today a game with a c...

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A Legendary 2D Mario Experience 0

Mario 3 holds a special place in my heart, as it's my favorite 2D Mario game.  I loved Super Mario World, but after replaying both games recently, I felt that Super Mario Bros. 3 had the best level design in the series.  First of all, the graphics are a significant improvement over its predecessors.  Mario looked like a collection of pixels in the original NES Super Mario Bros., but in Mario 3, he began to take on the appearance that we're all familiar with now.  Besides featuring better charact...

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Mario is back for his third adventure, can he beat the Koopa Kids 0

Super Mario Bros. 3 is the third installment in the Mario series, and one of his best. You take control of Mario in this platformer and are set out to save a princess from the Koopa Kids. You travel and explore eight diverse and unique worlds, with tons of new features. This is also one of Marios best adventures hes has ever been on, and a very fun one to last.  Super Mario Bros. 3 is like your average platformer with familiar gameplay to that of the previous installments in the franchise. You w...

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This game is what Mario is all about! 0

The commonly known game known as Super Mario Bros. 3 is simply one of Mario's greatest adventures yet on the NES and now for the Virtual Console. Everything in this game is expertly designed, imaginative, and enduring. This game is sure to please any Mario fan, and any gamer who picks this up will enjoy this. Super Mario Bros. 3 even inspired a cartoon show! I also watched the cartoons when it came on. When I picked this up back in the day, I knew that I was playing a masterpiece! It is no wonde...

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The best Mario game ever. 0

Super Mario Bros 3 is actually considered by many not just to be the best Mario game around but the best platformer ever.The story is the kings of the seven worlds have had the wands taken from them by Bowsers Koopalings and transformed them into animals. Mario and Luigi have to retreive them but while they are doing that Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach or Toadstool whatever you want to call here.The controls play just like Super Mario Bros but you get new power ups to go alongside the Fireflower,...

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6h05tly's Super Mario Bros 3 (Wii) Review 0

INTRODUCTION When I got my first game console, the NES, for Christmas from one of my uncle’s back then, the game that came bundled with the 8-bit system was a game that would later be one that would enjoy this franchise to the very end.  A game that kept me playing till I bought the enhanced version for my next Nintendo console.  That’s correct, Super Mario Bros. 3 is hands down the greatest game I’ve ever played and my all-time favorite game.  I have played every version of Mario Bros. 3: the ...

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A Plumber in a Shoe 0

 This is the #1 Mario game for the NES! This really helped us get an awesome way to play Super Mario games! This was the first Mario game to have Maps! You got to choose where to go some times.  You also had to do some thing to get some things in the game. Also, this was the first Mario game to have two Mario games in it! You could play “Mario Bros.” to see who would go next if you wanted! There were also 4 new Power ups in the game! 5 if you include the P-wing. You had Frog, Raccoon, Hammer, an...

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Even after 19 years this is still an excellent game 0

Good: One of the greatest games…. ever; 70+ levels of pure fun; New suits are awesome to play with; Excellent music; Some of the best level designs in an NES game; Costing 5 dollars is just a total steal. Bad: The game could have used more levels that include Kuribo's Shoe; A save file system would have been nice; Some levels in the game can be marked as cheap and unfair. Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in 1990, and it proved to be a phenomenal game, sometimes even considered one of the great...

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A whole new opportunity to play one of the best Mario games ever 0

Super Mario Bros 3 on the Virtual Console is the reincarnation of the immortal classic that was once on the NES. This game is also the third and final chapter of the main Super Mario Trio on the NES (there was no story but you know what I mean). Super Mario Bros 3 is acclaimed in both critic and sales wise with countless websites & magazines listing this game as an AAA title and the game listed as one of the biggest selling videogames with more then 18 million copies sold. Without a doubt, S...

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Absolutely magical 0

Super Mario Bros 3 is a true classic. I honestly that there's nothing wrong with this game, it was absolutely perfect when it was first released in 1990, and it is still awesome to play today. The music, the costumes, the gameplay, even the graphics hold up really well today. So why did I give it 4.5 stars instead of 5? Simply because the version included in Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES is better. That's it. A timeless classic....

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Super Mario Bros. 3 Review 0

  You have no idea how hard it is to review this game without simply acknowledging that this is indeed Super Mario 3, slap a 5/5 on it and call it a day. And I say this as a person who didn't even play the Mario games all that much when I was a kid and shouldn't have any nostalgic ties to the franchise. My relationship with mr. Mario is a troubled one. Unlike everyone in the entire world I did not have a NES growing up so my experience (up until this point) with the Mario franchise consists of m...

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Super Mario Bros. 3 - the good and the bad 0

kbd here to tell you the good and the bad of Super Mario Bros. 3 in as few words as possible. ;)The good:+ a decent challenge + fun powerups+ robust platforming elementsThe bad:- lacks a typical 'save/load game' system- music can be repetitive  - short single player mode - some small graphical glitches   - visuals haven't aged very well...

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Cursed forever with greatness! 0

Aside from being, hands down, the greatest game on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Mario 3 has stood the test of time and has become burned indelibly into the memory of a generation of players. With the largest and most diverse collection of power ups and eight worlds of ever more challenging levels, this game is so perfectly awesome that enjoying it has become something of liability as a fan gets older. I've had dreams about being trapped in this game. I've got two super stars tatto...

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