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The gameplay is a blend with perfection and the tight controls the Game boy Color has. This will bring you back to the days of 1985 when the original Super Mario Bros. had, when a simple jump amazed the entire nation and spawned a national culture, similar to that of Pac-man. It uses the same outstanding gameplay as Super Mario Bros., but adds in more extras for more re-playability, including different gameplay modes and more coins and items to collect, further encouraging even more exploration in the levels.
This game has easy and simple to learn controls. You press "A" to jump, "B" to run fast, and you use the control pad to move. It's that easy. Mario moves well, and he is easy to handle. There are also levels that require swimming. To swim up, you press "A" repeatedly. You can also change the camera's view by pressing Select.
Graphics are Pixel-Perfect. Every graphical object in this game uses the same number of pixels (and the same colors) as in the NES version. The two main things you'll notice is the lack of slowdown (which occurs when too many sprites are on the screen), and the smaller screen (which makes the game more challenging and fun to play).
Other than the skidding sound that plays when Mario turns around while running, it's difficult even for audiophiles to notice the difference in sound on the Game Boy Color in comparison to the NES version. All of the original sounds and music tracks are here.
The replay value in this game is tremendous, there are so many extra features. First off, there is a challenge game, where you can select levels of the game that you have already beaten and find certain items in the stages. Secondly, after achieving a certain number of points in the original game, you are awarded with being able to race boo. This is just like what the two player is if you have a friend, except for this you can play it by yourself. The object of this is to race boo across a certain level and beat him to the finish. Thirdly, if you achieve even more of a point score, you are rewarded with the lost levels, the Super Mario Bros. 2 Japanese version. These levels are much harder than the regular game. And, if that was not enough extras in the game, Nintendo threw in some more for your game boy printer. If you have one of these, you can print out some cool banners and other things.
With everything that the original Super Mario Bros. game had to offer and a whole lot more, this fun-filled Mario game is perfect for all Mario freaks...plus it's the perfect alternative to Pokemon. With graphics, sound, and gameplay perfectly mirroring the NES version, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is the perfect remake of the original classic Nintendo platformer.
Graphics: 9.8/10
Sound: 9.4/10
Controls: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Replay Value: 11/10
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Posted by JJOR64

Nice review except your Replay Value should be 349349567348956634956/10.    lol

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