What systems do you own this on?

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So, you can buy SMB on three systems now (Wii Virtual Console, NES and GBA). How  many of those have you / do you own the game on?

Personally, I only have it on my Wii - and hadn't actually played it beforehand, although knew of the games look, style and feel for years before. The fact it's still easily playable for anything between 5 and 50 minutes today is a testiment to the design of the game and Nintendo's innovation. Shame they haven't continued this now...


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have it on the NES and the Wii, best 5 bucks I ever spent.

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Just for the Wii, but that's only because when I was 10 my parents sold my NES  and my games (incl. SMB) behind my back. Otherwise, it'd still be collecting dust in my basement with my SNES and N64.

...not that I'm bitter or anything :).

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NES yaya! I love it : )

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Oh and I have a GBA just don't have SMB for it : (

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Well, I sold the game along with my NES so now I only have the Wii VC version... and the 16-bit All-Stars version on the SNES.

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I have it on the NES, both the standalone version and the Duck Hunt/SMB version! :P

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My computer.

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I have it on the Virtual Console.

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I had it on the NES.

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I've played it on NES, GBC, and Wii.

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Still have it on my NES and I will never sell it

#14 Posted by DualReaver (3792 posts) -

NES and GBC.

#15 Posted by Emilio (3582 posts) -

NES and Wii.

By the way, the title screen shot in the article is actually from Hudson's Super Mario Bros. Special and not SMB.

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I have the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge for the NES.  Still play it once in a while.  Duck Hunt is still fun too.

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for the GBA, if you like to play other great 2D games you should play my game Robocop vs The Terminator, remember that game? that was a great, you should buy my game.

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