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Super Mario Brothers is a classic, without a doubt. The game is superb and justifies the prestige and pedigree to which Mario games are recognized for. If you have five dollars, spend it. You won't regret it.

Mario's gameplay is finite and solid. Jumps made are precise, and just feel good. Many platformers have copied Mario's style, but they just can't compete. There's a fluidity to the jumping, and a feeling that cannot be mimicked or copied.

Artistically, the colors are saturated, but the game still is jubilant and vibrant. Even in the castle levels the game elicits feelings of wonder, albeit at the purpose to get a 6-year old to soil his Spiderman undies.

The music is more recognized than the works of Mozart and Bach. (Contemporary tastes, at least) The little ditties burst through in a splendor of tunes and tones that are just plain fun.

Finally, the game is a benchmark of video games. Without Mario and his crazy escapades in the Mushroom Kingdom, our beloved video game world would be undeniably different.


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