funkykonghongyo's Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Entertainment System) review

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This is what started a revolution in what platformers should be if there is anyone that hasnt played it here is a review for you

Gameplay- Truly it is platforming at its simpliest
run,jump,get mushroom make you big get to end of level
get to castle save princess very simple and true and this is where this game shines is its simplicity anybody young or old can understand it and play it

Sound- Simple tunes that are truly catchy and iconic everyone knows level 1-1's music when it starts up and can automatically identify with it

Difficulty- 7/10 for beginners and for veterans of the genre 3/10 after a few rounds with this game you can beat it in under and hour with few lives lost

Overall- Play it but dont spend over 5 dollars doing so its a classic game in its own right but has really not much replay value sequels in the series beat this in the ground but for the old school head this is a trip down memory lane

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