Ah deed it! 242 stars.

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holy hell this just happened 






That was simultaneously one of the hardest and most fun games i ever finished. Way, way harder than the first one. I especially love how some of the green stars demand that you use the entirety of your move set. And the very last star is just a total motherfucker. If i didn't have a P2 helping out it would have taken me much longer to beat that shit.   

 So yeah: Awesome, near-flawless game that can satisfy the full range of players. I hope the GB staff pays more attention to it come GOTY discussions, because so far i feel like they've overlooked it.

edit: never mind the last part, i had forgotten about Ryan's review. I guess they just didn't talk about it that much otherwise.

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It took me a good month or so to get all 242 stars, thanks to that last one, which was really hard. It took a lot of tries and sometimes I got so close, only to lose again. Then I finally got it and I was happy and relieved.

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I'm still on Galaxy 1, but congratulations, wow thats along game!
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I haven't really played it since my P2 stopped coming over my house after the drum corps season. I should get back into it. What a great game.

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So did the last star make you cry? 
I raged at that one

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