Does anyone not think this game is the greatest game of all time?

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Because I don't really like it that much. I'm not here to argue whether or not it is a good game, I just want to know if anyone else doesn't really like it that much, like me.

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Who said it was the greatest game of all time?

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It's the best game of the millenium so far. It's perfect.

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Im sure a lot of people don't think it's the best game of all time.

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It makes my head go totally whacko with all the weird gravity and camera stuffs. So no, i don't think it's awesome. Unless i wanted to throw up constantly, then yes, it would be the greatest game of all time. 
That and i don't like 3D Mario platformers, mainly cause i suck at them. 2D Mario games are awesome though.
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I think its alright. I'm more of a Super Mario World kind of guy. I did like Luigi Mansion though.

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@Fallen189 said:
" It's the best game of the millenium so far. It's perfect. "
I disagree...
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it is the greatest game of all time
I haven't even played it and I know it so

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I don't even know if it's the greatest game this year after Mass Effect 2!
It's pretty gosh darn great though...

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if i had never played a game in my life, then yes, it would be the greatest game i ever played.
if i had played any mario game ever, you realize its just a mappack for smg 1.
pretty good game, nothing special. it wont be remembered the way galaxy 1 was, or the way super mario 64 was.
its just a solid platformer, but its not even top 5 platformers of all time.

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Ive played it, its a great game...... it is no where near the greatest game of all time.  At least not by my standards.

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Yo, it's pretty good.

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It's great, but calling it the greatest game ever is a bit of a stretch. It's doing some clever things, and doing them well, but not really innovating. It's not sparking any new genres or reigniting any old ones. A few of the levels are fairly forgettable, and I would love to be able to skip the "story" text. Above all else, the game hasn't been out nearly long enough to step away from it for a while and really compare its worthiness to the history of gaming in order to make an informed opinion like that. 
All that said, its still a fantastic game.

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It's kind of incredible that the only thing beating the first Mario Galaxy on the GameRankings list is this and OOT. 
Still haven't played this one yet, though. Probably won't until about July.

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Nintendo seems to do this more than anyone, just look at Zelda too

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I still think the camera is fucking retarded. 

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There is no 'greatest' or 'perfect' game. Super Mario Galaxy is no exception to this rule.

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I just beat the game last night after I picked it up friday, and I was a bit disappointed. This game is the second highest rated game of all time, right behind OOT (it was actually beating OOT for a bit) and yet I still think Super Mario 64 is a better game. The best level in Galaxy 2 is a remake of a Mario 64 level, but no owl =( 
It was a really great game, Im not gonna bash it and say it was horrible or anything. It was tons of fun, and definitely a 5 star game. But best game ever? I don't really think so. The camera can be really awful at times, I had a glitch where it got caught behind a building on the pinata stage, and wouldn't move, even though I was on the complete other side of the level. Other times its just minor things that really screw you over when you need to make accurate jumps, or when you're on circular planets and the camera shifts, the controls do too, and suddenly youll find yourself going the complete wrong direction out of nowhere. Also, spring mario is just goddamn terrible, I dont understand why they brought it back, although its only for 1 stage. But they rehashed a couple other things from galaxy 1, including that flying bug boss, and a couple other bosses.  
The other thing I didnt like was that you never really feel like youve learned a level. Galaxy pretty much holds your hand, and as long as your going to the next launch star, your going in the right direction (save for secret stars, where you usually have to find a hungry luma, and theyre usually directly on the path your on). When you pick different stars, different launch stars appear to take you to a different place. It becomes a task of not figuring out where to go, but just getting there. It kinda kills the exploration of mario 64, where the only clue you had was the title of the star name. In Sunshine they added cinematics showing where to go, and that kinda ruined a bit of the fun for me. They still do it in galaxy. It makes the game less of an adventure, and more of a basic platformer. But thats just my opinion on the structure of the game, and maybe many people like it being the way it is. 
Either way, I had lots of fun with Mario Galaxy 2, and you should definitely get it if you have a wii, its a great game overall.

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Well, the consensus is the best game of the generation, but to say greatest game of all time is a stretch.
Either way, to say it is a candidate must mean that the game is crazy good.
 @rjayb89 said:

Final Fantasy VII  "

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I love this game, I'm in aw as I play it most of the time, my jaw will just drop at times, I love it soooooo much.

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It's a really solid Mario game with fantastic level design and variety.  It's very fun.

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Its one of the best!

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There's no need to determine whether it's the best game of all time, because there's no objective yardstick for influence or importance. It seems clear that Super Mario Galaxy probably delivers as the best game of its genre at present. If what it offers is not for you then there are other genres and games out there.

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It's gonna be one of those games that will always make the top 100, but best game ever? That's bordering on crazy talk and I frickin' love Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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This game is effing awesome, but far from being the best.

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I haven't played the game yet but I don't think there is one game that is better than every other game in the world.

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Game of the year? Looking like a strong contender. Best of all time? Nope. I'd put the first Mario Galaxy higher than this one... It's pretty clear that they were running out of ideas by the end of the game. It really starts losing steam steam around world five, and the special world is comprised almost entirely of levels ripped straight out of the first Mario Galaxy. The first four worlds are effing amazing though.

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I'm loving it but Mario Sunshine was a helluva lot more coherent and challenging, it's actually got me dripping for a bit more sunshine.

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@Mikemcn said:
" @TooWalrus said:
" @rjayb89 said:
" Obviously the greatest game of all time is either Final Fantasy VII or Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. "
The greatest game of all time is Bully. Duh. "
Kotor, Duh. "
Yah, KOTOR.  I'd consider Ocarina too though.
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