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Nothing Bad to Say

Good Points:   

  • Fantastic level design
  • Great music
  • Streamlined overworld 
  • Lots of variety in the gameplay
  • Player 2 can now help player 1, instead of just griefing
  • Beautiful, colorful, bright, cheerful, etc!
  • Just plain fun!
Bad Points:
  • Hmmmmm...
  • I don't know...
  • It's not really a 2-player game...but you could just hand off the controller and take turns if you really want to make it 2-player.
  • Some of it is a little too hard for my 5-year-old...I guess that's bad, right? (No, not really bad, I guess)
  • ...I give up! I can't think of any real complaints.

Seriously, I can't think of any real complaints for this game. It just plain fun. It's the best 3D Mario game. Period. I like the new mushrooms. I like Yoshi. I like the flying levels; they're much better than the manta-ray levels from Galaxy 1, which are missing from Galaxy 2 (thank you, Nintendo). In fact, all the gripes I had with Galaxy 1 seem to have been taken care of with Galaxy 2.  
I love it. 
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