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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review- The Warpzone

By Eric Smith 

Nintendo has been giving the Wii a lot of 3-D platformer Mario love. It started in 2007 with Super Mario Galaxy and it ends with the sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, in 2010. The original Super Mario Galaxy enthralled us with a sense of creativity that we just don’t often find  in video games these days. The original was so widely received, that three years later, it is still one of the highest rated games off all-time.

Ever since the sequel debut at E3 2009, the reactions were mixed. Is Nintendo just cashing in on a successful blueprint or is  Super Mario Galaxy 2 going to be worthy of the label of a sequel? To be blunt, Super Mario Galaxy was my favorite Wii game, but its sequel is the new champion.

  Nintendo decided to change some areas of the game that didn’t work in SMG1. The avoided any real story line, aside from Mario just saving Princess Peach. Also, the hub-world you grew familiar with in the original is completely abandoned- whew- in Super Mario Galaxy 2. How you navigate through galaxies is similar to the progression in 2-D Mario platformers. Once you acquired a certain amount of stars, you can proceed to the next world. In total there are going to be 240 stars for you to collect in Super Mario Galaxy 2, adding up to an incredible amount of content.

Nintendo is also continuing their ‘Super Guide,’ started in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, where if the player failed to complete a level after a given amount of attempts, they are given the option of being shown they way through the level. The catch here is that if they accept the assistance, they awarded a Bronze star, rather than a Gold one. The difficulty in SMG2 has been cranked up, so having this may not be the worst idea, and can potentially come in handy.

Mario sees a little makeover this time around. Rock Mario and Cloud Mario make their way into the game, turning the plumber into a boulder and supplying him with a cloud platform, respectively. The suits from the original still make an appearance throughout Mario’s second escapade through the galaxy. 
One of the biggest editions to Mario is his fellow dinosaur-like pal, Yoshi. Not to be cheated, Yoshi also has several manipulated forms for specific levels. The Yoshi and Mario combination is awesome, and gives the game a nostalgic feel.    

The galaxies are just as memorable the second time around. It appears the way to the star at the end of the tunnel is much longer than the original, with much more to collect throughout. The creativity is very diverse throughout the game. You will never find yourself in familiar grounds with any of the galaxies, which is the highlight point of the experience.

Simply put Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a must buy. Any complaint with the first game has been addressed in the second: the camera has been tweaked a bit, the graphics look even cleaner to an already beautiful predecessor, and the uselessness of co-op from the original is revamped to allow the second player to collect now only starbits, but health-aiding coins. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is everything you ever wanted from not only a Mario platformer, but any platformer. It is an essential to any Wii library, and without a doubt, a contender for Game of the Year.

Final Grade: A+

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