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Mario is Back and better than ever before

Nintendo's mascot is back and better than ever! In Super Mario Galaxy 2 we take control of our old and faithful companion Mario, and in some cases Yoshi too. In this game Bowser is back and Bigger than ever, and he is hungry for revenge. After kidnapping Princess Peach, you once again have to save her by traveling through 6 worlds and collecting power stars. After defeating Bowser once again you unlock a extra world similar to the game "The New Super Mario Bros". Afterwards if you can collect all 120 stars you will be in for a pleasant surprise. 
This game does't revolutionize platforming games as the first one did, but it fixes most of the problem of the first game and add's lots of new ideas, like the over world map they made (similar to the Super Mario 3). They also added your good old pal Yoshi to the game, and game him power ups. Super Mario Galaxy 2 gives you 242 new challenges each one more difficult than the last. 
Not to say this game is perfect Ive had a few complaints with the game. For one they got rid of 3 save files, that really bugs me because I have a lot of friends with out wii's that like to try games like this one. Another thing I had a problem with were some of the levels. I felt some of the levels were not as well made as they could have been. 
Anyways thats my quick review on the game. To sum it all up its better than the first game and is a must have for all wii owners. I give it a 4.5/5

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