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Mario Still The King of Fun

    I had very high expectation going into Mario Galaxy 2 ,the first game was on my top ten favorite games of all time and it was my favorite Mario game ,well good news for everyone that Mario Galaxy 2 does everything its predecessor did well and much more. 
     The game starts out as always Mario is headed over to princess peaches place for cake when not just regular Bowser ,no planet sized Bowser comes and kidnaps her and it is up to you and the captain of a single luma space ship to go after him and rescue the princess. Now how would you go about doing this you may ask ? 
       Well you go to from planet to planet collecting stars to unlock more planets which will eventually lead you to your fight with Bowser. This is a lot more streamlined then the first game because instead of having a hub to go to you just have a map with lines that tell you what you need to get to advance it is simple and far more enjoyable then walking around a hub world like the past 3D mario games.
        Now you would think just going to planets and collecting stars while doing standard Mario Platforming  would be boring ,but the game manages to keep each world different and engaging some have you flipping between 2D and 3D ,some have you as fire or bee Mario , and some have you just riding Yoshi running at super fast speeds. My favorite was the one that was a standard Mario level ,but everything was super sized. Every world is different and varied and offers a different experience.  Each world manages to have it's own identity even when you revisit them different times for more stars or on the second play through ,because you could revisit a planet up to three times the objectives and some times look and bosses change  this is another way the game stays fun and fresh through out. Now the levels are fun ,but how bout bosses well there all pretty simple dodge and hit fights ,but they are very thrilling and some of the tricks that they pull are crazy ,granted the Bowser fight is essentially the same fight just made harder three time ,but the other bosses all vary and have a different fun trick to beating them. 
    The game has all these great creative worlds that is helped by the fact the game is beautiful ,I was beyond impressed at how gorgeous this game looked in HD ,everything looks colorful and has the whole quirky vibe to it like your in some psychedelic trip where everything is mad color. The soundtrack has the whole Disney movie vibe where I feel as though I am on this amazing adventure and that is what the game makes it look like to all while having a great time floating on Yoshi or fighting Bowser. 
   Honestly Mario Galaxy 2 is the most fun I have had with a game in a long time it does not really have a story and quite honestly at points it can get repetitive ,but the game looks great there is a ton of stuff to do and is just plain fun. This game proves that you don't need epic moments or a great narrative to make a great game just an Italian plumber chasing a princess and Mario proves that he is still the king of fun.


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