lemon360's Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Game Boy) review

Super Mario Land 2 is one of the BEST HANDHELD VIDEO GAMES EVER

Let me start off by saying this, imagine a mod of super Mario bros. 3 for the gameboy. The graphics are on par with Bros. 3, really. The controls are spot on and very precise. The levels are all original, imaginative, and creative. The new bunny-ear power up accompanies the mushroom and flower. This interesting pickup lets you jump super high and flap your ears to glide mid air. The story is paper thing, but its there. Wario took over Mario's castle while he was gone, and now he's back to kickass in 6 worlds to gain the coins to open the gate to Wario's castle. Its incredibly fun to play considering its simplicity, disguised as being more than it actually is through creative ways. Boss battles are plentiful, there are tons of secrets, and you collect money so spend. Spend where you ask? On a kickass slot machine to possibly get 99 lives. If you see this pickit up. It looks wonderful on Gameboy Color + systems, and is well crafted. The one major problem is that some sounds are poor quality, but thats about it. Did i mention Jason Voorhees is in this game?


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