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A classic and fun RPG that has since been overshadowed 1

Please note that this review was done on the Wii, using the Gamecube controller.If you love all things Mario or Square RPG's, definitely don't miss out on this game.  Just don't walk into it expecting the style or scope of RPG's since its release, and you won't be disappointed.GRAPHICSSuper Mario RPG is a really mixed bag, graphically.  Some of the towns and environments look great, and I love the simple, cartoonish style similar to Super Mario World.  However, character designs (especially for ...

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One Word Review: Fathomable 0

The gang is all here...and then some. Everything about Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is easily accessible to the player. The RPG gameplay is easy to understand for the uninitiated. The story is easier to get than that fat pimpled girl you asked out a week before prom. Even the idea of the game just makes sense; a collaboration between Nintendo and the powerhouse Japanese studio that produced numerous hits on their Super Nintendo Entertainment System.The marriage between Squaresoft (...

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It makes up for an otherwise terrible year for V.C. games. 0

Ever since the Virtual Console was released on the same day of the Wii, Mario fans have been anticipating the release of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, a game that was originally released on the Super Nintendo in 1996. After waiting for nearly two years, Super Mario RPG was added to the Virtual Console out of nowhere and we are all glad it did. If you are familiar with the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series than you will feel right at home with Mario RPG. As implied by the ti...

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Can almost guarantee it's better than Sonic Chronicles 0

Why am I reviewing a 12-odd year old SNES game? Well it came out a few weeks ago to this day on the Wii Virtual Console and I promised that I’d attempt to review every 2008 release that I spent an adequate amount of time on, so here we go. It certainly dominated any free time I could’ve used to play newer games, and killed the possibility of me being able to adequately review Mass Effect, proving that simplicity and charm can put the most epic, big-budget, blockbuster RPG experience of the moder...

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Mario at its best 0

One of the best Role Playing games for the SNES. Mario adventures through the forces of the evil with Smithy playing the role of the antagonist. Mario tries to save the world by searching for the 7 stars. This game is a turn based game and a role playing game, you can customize Mario similar to role playing games and when you touch an enemy you fight in a turn based game. You travel with some of the most memorable characters in all of the Mario games. Through the game you fight very intense batt...

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Masterpiece 1

Squaresoft and Nintendo come together for this game and it turns out to be one of the most enjoyable and just flat out fun Mario games let alone RPG's ever created. Back in the day, when I was younger, my brother and I worshipped this game. We use to mark the cover of the game with markers so when we'd return in to blockbusters wed find the same one. Well here we go. Gameplay: Basically a pretty standard RPG. It uses attacks, spells, defenses everything in a good RPG. You control a slew of cha...

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Age makes no difference, SMRPG rocks! 0

Positive: + great graphics + decent story and dialogue to back it up + great battle system + extra party members add a lot to the game + music is memorable + pretty lengthy +Negative: - some things are hard to see outside of battle – Wii owners have been waiting a long time for Nintendo to release Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars on the Virtual Console. It seems like an ideal game to make available: everyone wants it and it's a true Nintendo classic. So, finally, at the beginning of Se...

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One of the best rpg's of alltime, and mario's funniest adventure 0

Ok now let me say something, this game is amazing, period. It has all of mario's classic characters, and some new lovable ones, like geno and mallow, and bowser and peach join your party eventually, making them playable for the first time. Ok now the rundown on the controls, Gamecube controller: control stick: move (duh! XD), B button: jump,  A button: equip, timed hits, weapon select, X button: item, special, status, star collection, equip, etc. menu period, Y button: select special moves, and,...

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The best Mario RPG Out There 0

Originally posted on my blogFor some crazy reason, nobody in the Mushroom Kingdom will believe that you are Mario. You’re probably the most famous savior of the land, but it’s not your dashing mustache or your red overalls that will prove your identity, it’s your trademark jump. This running gag is probably my absolute favorite part about SMRPG. No matter what part of the world you’re in, someone will inevitably ask if you are really the plumber. The dialog will pause, you will be unable to do a...

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This game re-describes our beloved Mario. 0

This game can really give you an idea of what Mario is made of! The levels are beautifully crafted and the graphics are pretty good for a SNES game! This might not be the best Mario game made, but the retro RPG elements that are in the game makes it different from all the others. The music is pretty good, but not what it really should be in my opinion; however the battle music is just right! The looks of the characters are very interesting, and they all look like toys! I give Super Mario RPG: Le...

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