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Yoshi's classic, beautiful game to be played by you now 0

While there is no perfect game out there, this is the one game that I’ve played that’s the closest to perfection. Why?  Because it’s that much fun.  Everybody has the perfect game made just for them.  This one is mine. Long story short – as the stork is delivering baby Mario and baby Luigi, baby Bowser’s caretaker kidnaps Luigi and looses Mario to the Yoshi’s.  Thus the Yoshi’s carry Mario one by one to the castle, battling all kinds of things and overcoming this and that.  The main weapon is Y...

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Platforming Perfection 0

We all loved Super Mario World, the game that came bundled with the original SNES, for the same reasons we fell in love with Mario 3.  That isn't to say they are as popular as one another, but Super Mario World took all of the things that were great about Mario 3 and made many meaningful additions to the winning-platforming formula.  Now if you thought that those games were amazing, you were right, and they hold up to this day, but a lesser talked about gem that deserves just as much (if not mor...

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Yoshi's Island took a risk, and it paid off. 0

Yoshi's Island, regarded as a classic for sure... and it was the follow-up to the incredibly popular Super Mario World. Sounds like Yoshi's got some big shoes to fill... but does he fill them all the way? The short answer to that is "no". However, I feel Yoshi's Island, while not quite as prestigious as Super Mario World is still deserving of some praise. I re-played it recently, and felt I should write something up about it.First, let me just say that the game was super risky, and it changes so...

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