Do you let Yoshi die?

#1 Posted by RowdyRob (221 posts) -

Do You? o_O


#2 Edited by Solidus (14 posts) -

Sure did, sacrifices had to be made.

#3 Posted by Meliv (95 posts) -

If it came down to me or that little green bastard, I was surviving

#4 Posted by bededog (21 posts) -

No, Yoshi is too awesome to let him die! Don't kill Yoshi you traitors! >=(

#5 Posted by Hanabi (48 posts) -

Yeah I killed Yoshi. I had to to get to that one secret ending of ... which stage was it... I think it was one of the bridges. But yeah, I had to get to the second exit and it was either kill Yoshi or fail. I chose to kill Yoshi.

#6 Posted by Spizzy (41 posts) -

All the time! There's always another Yoshi ready to take its place.

#7 Posted by Aria (27 posts) -

Yes. Always.

#8 Posted by Overrated_Hero (237 posts) -

If you had Blue Yoshi things like this wouldn't need to happen

#9 Posted by mr_muffins (22 posts) -

all but blue yoshi

#10 Posted by L (1766 posts) -

All the time. I'm cruel. ;)

#11 Posted by GiantEnemyCrab (25 posts) -

Of course.

#12 Posted by WorldsFastestShrimpPeeler (469 posts) -

most of the times i do. Unless i might need him later on.

#13 Posted by SlayingShogun (261 posts) -

yup he sure saves your but when your about to fall into a hole

#14 Posted by McPlated (137 posts) -
Alex approves
#15 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1684 posts) -

If I could mount guns on him he'd be more of use, but instead he eats apples

#16 Posted by nezze00 (153 posts) -

At first I didn't, but now he is so annoying that if I were to play again, i'd jump him off cliffs for no reason.

#17 Posted by PaperPlain (253 posts) -

Picture= epic win. But no I usually try to stay on him. Haha.

#18 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

most of the time i did :P

#19 Posted by ThumbsUpMaster (9 posts) -

If I need the extra jump, yes. I can always get another Yoshi later.

#20 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

If it's to save my life.... hell yeah I do. Yoshis are a dime a dozen

#21 Posted by OblivionGuy07 (175 posts) -

only if i need it but i try not to, because Yoshi is awesome

#22 Posted by RowdyRob (221 posts) -

Murderers >_>...

#23 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -


#24 Posted by Nat495 (10 posts) -

Only if it's not a blue Yoshi - Blue's are the best.

#25 Posted by Twilit_Igniter42 (70 posts) -

Yoshi doesn't die.  He (somehow) goes back into that egg locked in a "?" block.  Mario, on the other hand, would lose of my precious 99 lives, and I couldn't have that...

#26 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

No way, Yoshi is cool.

#27 Posted by Soulless (148 posts) -

Goddamit!  I hate those watery eyes!  They make me submit to his demands! T_T

#28 Posted by tec3297 (1258 posts) -

The only time that I let Yoshi die is when we both go off a cliff and I need to sacrifice him to save myself.

#29 Posted by TheDrifter (279 posts) -

All the time.

#30 Posted by calf_exercises (880 posts) -

man yoshi fails at life so he deserves to die

#31 Posted by Boiglenoight (599 posts) -

Yoshi never dies.  Nobody dies in the Mushroom Kingdom.  It's like heaven designed by Jerry Garcia.

#32 Posted by chililili (1432 posts) -

If it was blue Yoshi I would try to keep him as long as possible.

#33 Posted by Vyse_Legends (490 posts) -

No way man I love my Yoshi!*cries*

#34 Posted by Chaos (119 posts) -

when i first started playing the game i would try to save Yoshi, later one when i discover the top secrete area with the unlimited amount of Yoshi's. I did not mind killing them off.

#35 Posted by MjHealy (1972 posts) -

It must be done.

#36 Posted by FiestaUnicorn (1669 posts) -

if it's either him or me, yeah.

#37 Posted by Ossi (1279 posts) -

Yoshi's grow on trees! Of course I'll sacrifice him!

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