sepultallica86's Super Mario World (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) review

The platformer genre in perfection!

Super Mario World is the top of the line when it comes the platformer games, with perfect controls to top it off. There are over 90 levels with tons of secrets to keep you coming back. This is one of the most colorful games with tons of character and very different and engaging worlds. Each level is different making you think how to get by each part, with levels near the end becoming difficult, leading you to die plenty and always wanting to keep playing that level until you have beaten it leaving you with a feeling of great satisfaction. You'll pick up this game saying to yourself that you'll just play till the end of a castle then find yourself beating the game in that sitting, wanting more and more. There is never any frame rate issues, the soundtrack is very stellar and unforgettable, the boss battles are fun and keep your reflexes moving.
The next addition into the Mario series is the ghost houses which keep you on your toes trying not to hit any ghosts that crowd around you. Also while trying to look at them so they don't come after. Ghost Houses become very tricky and play with your mind for a good while.
Power ups are again back in ths Mario game, with addition of the cape making you able to fly in the air, and the ablility to find hidden places to unlock secret routes on the world map. The games soundtrack is always pumping in the backround keeping very much into the experience, with game game having tight situations that will get your heart beating and the controller twisting. On the very top of all of that, the game offers some of the greatest platforming of any game. Leaving you only wanting to come back and beat the campaign once again after a month or so. If you haven't played this game, I strongly suggest you track it down and have the greatest time of your life with this masterpiece.


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