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A World Apart from Other Platformers

Nintendo was riding a wave of success due to the huge sales of not only the NES, but Super Mario Bros. 3, as well.  With a new decade, though, came a new system in the SNES, which spawned Super Mario World.  Suffice it to say, the list of games better than Super Mario World is short, if not empty.  Nearly every aspect of this game was excellent, from the catchy tunes, to the controls, even the graphics were a big thing in 1991 with its rotating sprites. 

The story is simple.  Mario and friends are vacationing, but Bowser comes along and kidnaps the Princess.  Mario and Luigi set out to save her in a world full of interesting levels, and can catch a ride from the debuting dinosaur, Yoshi.  The plumbers must traverse seven different worlds to reach Bowser's castle and rescue the damsel in distress, each world presenting new and interesting challenges.  The gameplay is stellar, with a good amount of challenge, doing a great job of balancing out the difficulty thoughout the game.  Not only that, but there are not one, but TWO hidden worlds to find.  Truly, a great game for the ages, one which I recommend all gamers play.


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