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Super Mario World

It’s only suiting that the very first video game I ever owned makes it in…the first video game I ever played was still the original Mario on the NES…but I missed that train and my first console ended up being the SNES (packaged with Mario Bros.), something my dad bought me when we moved to Winnipeg in 1993. This is really the title that started my obsession with video games. To this day it still holds up and I end up going back and beating it from start to finish with my sister just for the fun of it. I can still beat almost every level blindfolded, and have memorized almost every single one of the game’s secrets.

Nothing more really needs to be said here, Super Mario World is one of the greatest games of all time, plan and simple.


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    Man, this game holds up well! 0

    I recently decided to play through Super Mario World again and I must say: This still is a great game! The gameplay for example: The jumping still feels great and the flying with the cape never gets old. To differ from the earlier games in the franchise, they decided to add in Yoshi, who can stomp and swallow certain enemies. This adds another extra layer of depth to the game, that just keeps you interested and offers extra solutions to the (simple) problems you face in the game.The enemies vary...

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