96% <_<

#1 Posted by MrWillhelm91 (11 posts) -

On CH2 Hospital I've got all 20 bandages, A* on every level (both light and dark even though I've now found out you don't need it for dark)  and completed 4 warp zones but still have 96% instead of 100%! I figured I must've missed a warp zone so I used this guide to check  http://www.diygamer.com/2010/10/super-meat-boy-bandage-warp-zone-guide/. Is the list wrong and there's a 5th warp zone I've missed or is there something else I'm supposed to do that i've not noticed (also got A* on the minus world by the way, but I don't think that counts anyway)

#2 Posted by Matll (18 posts) -

I also got 96% in Chapter 4 even though I did everything in it. But don't worry I still got the 100% achievement so I'm sure you'll get it too.

#3 Posted by Synekal (35 posts) -

In the Achievement's list there is one for finding and completing 5 warp zones. That may be your culprit right there.

#5 Posted by Matll (18 posts) -

To clarify, the guide is right and there are only 4 warp zones in every chapter.

#6 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5826 posts) -

probably just a glitch or a bug.

#7 Posted by Cwaff (1260 posts) -

I have 105% in chapter 1 and 100% in chapters 2 and 3, the percentages seem rather glitchy.

#8 Posted by MrWillhelm91 (11 posts) -

Seems like glitch it is then. Can't believe how much I've played this game. When I got it I thought I'd only play it as something for in between buying other games. 20,000 deaths later halo has gone back on the shelf....

#9 Posted by Joelteon7 (98 posts) -

If you've completed everything and got 96%, don't worry! It's a glitch that doesn't read your percentage perfectly, however if you go to the statistics screen, if you can work out all the percentages manually, it should tally up. I got 96% on chapter 4, like someone else mentioned, and it's fine. I triggered the 100% achievement even though chapter 4 still read as 96%.

#10 Posted by Legend (2664 posts) -

It's a glitch. It will be fixed when the update is released in a couple of weeks.

#11 Posted by papercut (3610 posts) -
@Legend: Have they said when exactly?
#12 Posted by Legend (2664 posts) -
@papercut: They said on twitter that it should be released in a couple of weeks. They didn't give an exact date.

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