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I'm a moron, and I changed my resolution to one where it just comes up black on my screen, and I can't see anything. How do I change it back? I have the steam version and I'm using a 360 controller, can any kind soul tell me the button press chain to get back to the resolution menu and change from 1280x600 to 1366x788? I know it's my fault, but as I can't see the screen, It'd be mad helpful for someone to help out here and tell me how to get to the menu.

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I think you can dig out the config in your steam folder. Gimme a sec and I'll find the exact route.  
Maybe you can try right clicking it in your steam list of games, click properties and then click set launch options. In the prompt that comes up type in -w 1366 -h 768 and OK then start the game. 
And if that doesn't work, type in -sw in the launch options instead of those other. Should force the game to launch in windowed mode

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