Anyone have a problem with the game erasing progress?

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#1 Posted by dondo (41 posts) -

I have come back to the game twice now and it hasn't saved my progress from the last time I played. I lost an entire world of progress with some bandages and killer times. Is there some trick to getting the game to save correctly?

#2 Posted by chu52 (430 posts) -

first i have heard of this issue. Maybe God hates you?

#3 Edited by Diamond (8678 posts) -

It's a problem with the game not saving progress properly.  The only tip I can give you is to make sure you watch the map icons (if you ever don't see the bandage show up on a level you collected the bandage from, or a warp zone doesn't show up, that's a bad sign).
I've had the problem twice and I've seen other people have it too.

#4 Posted by chu52 (430 posts) -
@Diamond said:
" It's a problem with the game not saving progress properly.  The only tip I can give you is to make sure you watch the map icons (if you ever don't see the bandage show up on a level you collected the bandage from, or a warp zone doesn't show up, that's a bad sign). "
Oh gawd....... i really hope that doesn't happen to me.
#5 Posted by tankintheair315 (388 posts) -

make sure you exit to the main map too

#6 Edited by Korosuzo (187 posts) -

I completed 9 levels in zone 2 with an A+ score and I loaded it back up to find out I was just starting zone 2 with no completed progress.  This needs to be fixed ASAP. 
Edit: I exited to the main map after each level and it showed the "save" icon.

#7 Posted by dondo (41 posts) -

I had rank 192 on one level and came back and it was gone. Frustrated as hell right now.
Wonder if this was a conscious design choice... if so, man are they dicks.

#8 Posted by scatterbrainn (47 posts) -

I see I'm not alone with this. I ended up losing a bunch of bandages in world this morning. I just hope it doesn't happen with some of these later levels...

#9 Posted by Deathpooky (1506 posts) -

I've had bandages not showing up for certain levels, but if I count up the bandages I've gotten for that world/overall, it's counting me as having them.  Very strange stuff.  Hope they fix the saving bugs and all, because it would be a nightmare to lose progress in this game.

#10 Posted by JJOR64 (19550 posts) -

I haven't had any saving problems yet.  I know Team Meat knows about the issue.  I seen them talking about it on their Twitter.

#11 Posted by MaddProdigy (1074 posts) -

It happened to me once on the very first world, I turned my Xbox off and when I went back on I was at level 1 again. Since then, all I've done is make sure to exit to the world map before quitting the game and THEN turning my Xbox off, and it's worked out fine.

#12 Edited by Bennyishere (1746 posts) -

Only issue I've had is the replay glitching. That may just have been because it didn't want to render 200 meatboys, though... It would just show Meat Boy appearing and then disappearing over and over.

#13 Posted by Deathpooky (1506 posts) -

Yep, and just as I said that, I left the game from the main menu, after I had Hell 60% done, came back to find Hell 0% done.  Fuck this - done with this game until they fix it, not willing to fight through the game to lose progress to a bug.

#14 Posted by TheBlindChessman (250 posts) -

It's happened to me twice now - on a game like this a saving bug needs be be addressed immediatly.  It makes me not want to touch it again until it's fixed.
So now I've been hit with both the saving bug and the respawning bandages bug.

#15 Posted by TheBlindChessman (250 posts) -

I tweeted a link to this thread to Team Meat and got this response:

 it only happens when you collect the same bandaid 2 times. avoid that and youll be ok. eithe rway it will be fixed very soon

#16 Posted by bushpusherr (946 posts) -

One thing specifically I have noticed is that if you ever take your time to get a band aid, make sure you advance to the next level before doing anything.  If you go slow to get a bandage and then you hit "Retry" to go for an A+ run, it won't record that you successfully nabbed the bandage on a prior run.  Slightly different issue then losing data I know, but just a tip in general.

#17 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5030 posts) -

Yes this has happened to me, but all I lost were like 5 levels progress and a bandage. Also I always quit to map, then exit game from the menu, so that makes no difference.

#18 Posted by Drace (176 posts) -

Glad to know I'm not the only person who has ran into this issue.

#19 Posted by CarpetRemnant (392 posts) -

This happened to me once at the start. Now I just exit to the main menu every time I want to quit. 
I do have 21/20 bandages on world one though, I didn't notice which one I picked up twice.

#20 Posted by dondo (41 posts) -

What's also weird is it still has your replays. So I have replays from yesterday of levels that I finished and then lost progress on.

#21 Posted by Deathpooky (1506 posts) -

I think it might be something to do with losing XBL connection.  Live was blinking in and out for me last night and it told me that replays would have to be re-uploaded to be applied.  So maybe it also forgets to save your records when you lose connection midgame. 
So if you lose XBL connection, I'd turn the game off, reconnect, and then turn it back on to be safe.

#22 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4745 posts) -

I lost most of world 3 last night. I hope it never happens to me again.
#23 Edited by MrOldboy (1036 posts) -

just happend to me noticed it quickly so didn't lose too much progress. darworld 1-15 bandage would not save. My A+ times for 1-16 to 1-20 saved but not the bandage. Exiting game and reloading.
wait nevermind just lost half the darkworld. Goodbye hour of my life. This is gamebreaking, wonder if any reviews caught this.

#24 Posted by beard_of_zeus (1748 posts) -
@TheBlindChessman said:
" I tweeted a link to this thread to Team Meat and got this response:

 it only happens when you collect the same bandaid 2 times. avoid that and youll be ok. eithe rway it will be fixed very soon

Ah, good to know. The worst that happened with me was losing about 4 or 5 easier levels worth of progress. Didn't know that was tied to the weird bandage glitch.
I had contacted them on release day when I noticed the bug with bandages sometimes happening (i.e., you get it, but it isn't noted on the map screen), and they said they had found the bug right before release, and wanted to patch it, but Microsoft told them to wait about a week to look for other bugs that might be there to knock everything out at once with a single update. So yeah, a title update should be upcoming very soon. Team Meat is on top of things, it seems. :)
I guess the best advice for now is if you notice the bandage glitch happening, to quit and restart the game before making any more progress.
#25 Edited by Deathpooky (1506 posts) -

Yeah, couldn't resist going back in, again lost an hour of time at least after I quit the game and went back in (35% of Rapture and cleaning up earlier hard levels).  If they really knew about this, I can't believe they let a game like this ship with a saving bug.  Incredibly frustrating. 
If it's tied to the bandage glitch, it really sucks, because it's hard to remember what bandages I have and haven't collected since they don't appear on the map when I'm going back through levels.  And I can't even tell it's not saving, as it doesn't lose my data until after i quit the game and go back in.
A bug like this is approaching destroying all the love I had for this developer.  I've lost two or three hours of incredibly difficult gameplay in the last couple days that I now have to redo.

#26 Posted by beej (1675 posts) -

yeah I lost all of my progress on a world due to this as well. I'm having a really hard time going back to the game now. Getting the bandages and A+'s was an awesome challenge the first time, but the second time?

#27 Posted by Scapegoat (140 posts) -

Lost most of The Salt Factory - lucky compared to those who lost later level progress! Definitely waiting for a patch before playing.

#28 Posted by FalseDeity (243 posts) -

God, this bug is an a**hole. It's happened to me twice, and my friend once. I don't know what the trigger was, but for my friend and I, it was caused after the first warp zone and it stopped saving progress after that. Second one occurred sometime in world two and I lost some darkworld progress. That really needs to not be there for a game like this.

#29 Posted by None (71 posts) -

This happened to me today, lost every level but the first on the Salt Factory. I guess I'll wait for the patch, things could get a bit painful otherwise.

#30 Posted by MildMolasses (3190 posts) -

According to team meat, if you see a respawning bandage, don't grab it. The two things are linked
#31 Posted by matrix_hiei (157 posts) -

I have not grabbed a respawned badge, and I'm still getting this. I played in three different sittings today, and only one saved. This sucks because I'm already addicted to this game, but I don't want to start on the tougher levels until this bug is fixed. Hopefully it will be here sooner rather than later.

#32 Posted by GilbertMordinAndSullivan (451 posts) -

I lost about 10 A+ times on Cotton Alley. 

#33 Posted by ectoplasma (1046 posts) -

NOOOOOOOO, I just played through the whole darkworld of 2 collecting all bandages and it didnt save my progres...

#34 Posted by Quipido (842 posts) -

This sucks!

#35 Posted by xxizzypop (644 posts) -

Oh God. This makes me horrified to restart my game. I just want to pretend like my progress is still saved and not worry about anything. 

#36 Posted by Sessh (1563 posts) -

By now this bug is getting real annoying, because for me it seems to erase progress 3 out of for 4 times. And that now, that i started clearing the back half of the Dark World (and Cotton Ally). Just great.

I can only hope the bug fix comes soon.

#37 Posted by maskedarcstrike (792 posts) -

I don't know about the bandage bug but team meat said they believe it has something to do with pressing Y to rapidly on the replay screen this is quoted from their blog on
 UPDATE: We believe the save bug is caused by replaying the level by pressing Y too quickly on the replay screen. To avoid the bug wait for the replay to finish or exit back to the map. 
#38 Posted by Deathpooky (1506 posts) -

Hmm... I guess that makes some sense.  Mine stopped saving usually when I took a break from new levels to replay old ones, and so was hitting Y to replay often and get A+ times.  The fact that they've come up with two explanations for the save bug now doesn't inspire confidence that they'll be able to stamp it out quick.
Wondering how they're going to solve the bandage bugs though.  The 0.00 time leaderboards can be erased, but are they going to take away duplicate bandages from people that have over 20/20 bandages or over 100% in a world?
#39 Posted by Jothel (1012 posts) -

add me to the list of pissed off people with a bunch of progress gone. ugh.

#40 Posted by KingPossum (241 posts) -

I lost a bunch of levels I had completed when I logged in this morning. Was way angry at the whole thing but I've calmed down considerably and now I'm not going to touch it again until its patched.

#41 Posted by Quipido (842 posts) -

Man, still no patch out there... I put this game down a week ago hoping it would get dealt with, now I managed to go thru all of Final Fantasy XIII and there is still nothing new with this glitch, si I can not come back to this. It's really game-breaker for a game like this one!

#42 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

It happened to me once...the autosave quit working

#43 Posted by Deathpooky (1506 posts) -

Think the patch is in Microsoft certification hell. 
And yeah, it gets more frustrating the more you play.  Going for bandages with about half of them I feel like I've already gotten them once as I try to clear them again.

#44 Posted by beej (1675 posts) -

well their blog adressed this issue, so you guys should totally go check that out. Basically just going out to the map every once in a while seems to be the solution. I've been doing that and no more erased progress since.

#45 Posted by Thrillhouse87 (274 posts) -

has this still not been fixed? would love to play it some more, but after loosing my progress on half of the cotton alley levelst, not until this is sortet out.
#46 Posted by Thrillhouse87 (274 posts) - about now?
#47 Posted by madsoultorsk (25 posts) -

I just got the PC version and have updated to the latest update. And I saved alot of times, shut the game down the proper way and everything seemed to go fine. Now when I started up SMB I have lost ALL my 14 bandage I had collected including headcrab. But it still say in my Steam achievements that I have headcrab etc! Im sure thats since its not connected to the save file. But the strange thing is that my other progress is still saved like the characters I collected in the warp zones and A+ etc. And for me who is not that hardcore its a pain to go get them all again when I have allready done it. :(  I really hope they fix this since it feels soooo unstable! Still a fantastic game though! 

#48 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

I had this problem on the Xbox version, it's a different bug, 'cause it happened to me (well, my brother) on Cotton Alley light world (where there ARE no bandages.) There's a save issue, and while it's probably excessive on the PC version, the Xbox version has yet to be fixed.  
So far, we've had it happen seven times between us; me twice, losing a few dark world levels, and my brother five times. Needless to say, I have a lot more esteem for Super Meat Boy than he does.

#49 Posted by Quipido (842 posts) -

God damn it still no patch, I can not believe it - i own this game for weeks and I can't play it properly. Really annoying, well, I just will have to wait longer.

#50 Posted by emem (2047 posts) -

On the pc version I don't have any problems with deleted progress, but my game crashed many times when I switched between menus or watched the scoreboard. And the scoreboard appears to be broken.. it doesn't show my own times. 
It's a fantastic game, though.

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