Are the exclusives on XBOX 360 worth going with that platform?

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I'm pretty set on getting Super Meat Boy on Steam, just holding out to see if it will be on sale over the Treasure Hunt period.  But i see its 800MS on 360 right now.  Ultimately i am wondering, based purely on a unlock-able character basis, which is the better option?
 (i know a different thread exists for a similar but different question, mine is, as i said, purely character based)
Edit: Also is the HL2 HeadCrab any good?

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The exclusives are the exact same on both in terms of abilities and how they feel, E.G. Headcrab is the same as the sticky thing from the Xbox one. Forgotten its name. 
The Steam version is going to get a level editor soon into the New Year though, so you may wanna go for Steam and get that.

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Hmm, they all seem very similar. If you're getting the PC version though, you should wait for the boxed copy, it looks AWESOME.

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The Steam version will get you free mac support and Steam Cloud next year.  
Also it has more achievements on Steam. For example it has every chapter has a finish all levels without dying achievements, and finish the darkworld of this chapter without dying.
Does the 360 version have 1080p support?

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Some characters are similar, but I don't think there's a Captain Viridian or Mr. Minecraft equivalent on 360. 
I'm not familiar with either's exclusives (though I own both) so I can't help you with specifics.

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Well since the 360 version is $5 cheaper right now, I'd say get that.
Both versions have their nice perks.  360 version has real achievements and secure leaderboards...  Up to you.
You don't really use the unlockable characters that much in Meat Boy...

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I use Alien Hominid (exclusive to 360) all the time.

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In the end steam won, I've got some good ideas for headcrab based levels to make in the editor.

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I ended up sticking with Meat Boy 95% of the time. I got so used to the way that he moved that using anybody else would throw me off completely and I played like garbage. So, the other characters were pretty irrelevant to me in the end.

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@fentonalpha said:
" In the end steam won, I've got some good ideas for headcrab based levels to make in the editor. "
good choice! I only got it on 360 because my desire to play super meatboy could not wait long enough for steam, the level editor and mr minecraft both seem to make it worth it. 
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Team Meat said that both versions will be on sale for Christmas on their Twitter, if price is your main concern
Edit, just noticed you already bought it

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God damn it.... less than 4 dollars today..... oh well, it's worth the $15 i spent on it.

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