Can't customize the controls, stuck in menus

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So I know I'm weird, but I can't use the arrow keys to control characters. I have to use WASD. FPSs plus consoles using my left hand to control characters has ingrained that into me. 
Also, 3 times now (I've only beat 5 levels) I've gotten stuck in some weird menu loop where it didn't exit the menu correctly. 
And it crashed to desktop when I lowered the resolution because it wasn't running well and again just now when I exited the game normally. 
The 360 version had some bugs, but it never crashed on me. :( Poop!

#2 Posted by Skald (4394 posts) -
@Infininja: Well, you are having a way better time than I am. If I so much as start the game, it crashes. 
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Yea whats up with the poor performance i have a duel-core laptop with a Radeon 4200 and it runs like shit unless its on 640x480 what gives?

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The state in which this game was released is kind of embarassing.

#5 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

I've been getting some crashes. And sometimes on rare occasions I pass through solid walls and floors. That wasn't in the Xbox 360 version, was it?
It's a shame, because the game is so damn fun.

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Heard there is supposed to be a patch out for the PC version within the next 24 hours to fix bugs.  Saw it on their Twitter feed.

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Well, seeing as it was made by 2 guys (excluding the music) I gotta give them a little bit of slack for some bugs. With the vast amount of different computer setups it's hard to test it with only 2 people. In my case everything works perfectly fine except when I alt+tab it crashed the game, no biggie.

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Yea the game freezes on the menus sometimes. I just alt-tab and it usually works again.

#9 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

An extreme number of bugs...the only reason I have a problem with this is the fact that these guys have kind of been aware that the game was going to be rather popular, and it's super buggy. Thankfully, Team Meat is really epic, so the upcoming patch is much appreciated. 
That said, I can't get the game to run correctly past 1-5. Bugs every level upon completion. I really liked it on the 360, so I picked up the PC version. 
Also, the controls on the keyboard feel WAY less tight than on the console versions, so I'm thinking I might want to program my DualShock 3 into a gamepad for this. Or I'll just borrow a friend's 360 wired controller and lend him a wireless.

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The only problem that I've been having is that it crashes on exit. Not exactly game-breaking, but still seemed a little odd.

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I'm on the same boat, but I just said fuck it after a while of looking the forums and pulled the 360 controller out from the basement.

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I can't recall ever glitching through walls on the 360 version, and I'm more than halfway through the dark world, so I have plenty of experience.

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@Little_Socrates said:
"Also, the controls on the keyboard feel WAY less tight than on the console versions, so I'm thinking I might want to program my DualShock 3 into a gamepad for this."

Strange, I think they're pretty good.  I'm using the keyboard and I'm above 100th place for a few of the levels according to the Steam leaderboard.
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The performance on mine hasn't been too good either. And mine crashes on exit as well. Hope this all gets fixed soon.

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The keyboard controls was actually way better then I had thought.  
And I haven't encountered any bugs yet, except that it's crashing occasionally.

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The game is completely unplayable for me. I've got a quad core cpu and more than enough power in my graphics card and it has HUGE amounts of slowdown to the point where I can't play a single level because off all the motion in game...

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@Infininja: I'm guessing your gamepad/controller isn't the 360 one. In that case, I will liberate you from your pain of playing on keyboard: 
It worked for me, and I have Logitech Rumblepad 2. 
EDIT: Now that I've read more carefully, it seems you were using the keyboard in the first place. If someone has the problem where your character keeps running to the left regardless of what you do, go to the link above.
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@eldiax: I appreciate it. I have plenty of 360 controllers and no way to hook them up to my PC. Haven't decided if the wireless receivers are junk (many reviews on Amazon state there are knockoffs everywhere) or if I should get a wired one.

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