Flying wolf heads

#1 Posted by ectoplasma (988 posts) -

Any tips how to deal with them? Do you just have to react that quickly, that when they detonate u pick the right jump? I can't figure out how to efficiently deal with them, it's for me kind of random when I survive (Currently trying to get the bandage in world 4-16). I appreciate that a big part of the game can be beat by picking the right approach. I don't really like when it starts to just get a  grind like the last levels of Trials.

#2 Posted by chu52 (307 posts) -

My trick was to get them to loop around and hit above you. Often you can trick them into hitting a spot that blocks their explosion tiny heads.

#3 Posted by SoloReX (61 posts) -

You "just" have to run back and forth and then make sure to do a little jump each time one of the explodes when they hit the ground. Worked on the level on Cotton Alley Dark World where there's like 3 of them right above you and it just seems completely impossible the first time you look at it and the first couple of times you play it. Hope that helps :-)

#4 Posted by ectoplasma (988 posts) -

Thanks for your advice, gonna try it later. Atm im trying to unlock the kid, im at stage 2 getting to the middle....

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