Got 100% a few days ago.

#1 Posted by WalkerD (485 posts) -

Finished up the Internet worlds as well. I was checking back on my achievements and I noticed it told me to brag, so here I am. As it turns out I'm also the highest ranked on 7-17x. I feel like SMB has validated my need to tell people that I'm totally the man.

#2 Posted by Willin (1342 posts) -

I also take it that you have 9 testicles and eat entire cows by the dozen?

#3 Posted by None (71 posts) -
@WalkerD:  Congratulations! Your manliness is duly noted and much looked up upon. I can only hope to one day achieve the same goal.
#4 Posted by Vitor (3079 posts) -

Brad is gonna be pissed... Pretty sure he didn't expect anyone to get that so soon after launch. He's probably right about it being an extremely rare achievement though - doubt many have the tenacity of the OP to achieve said feat 

#5 Posted by Stackboy (616 posts) -

Wow, how do you still have your sanity intact?

#6 Posted by Jonnyflash80 (523 posts) -

Great job man. I do have to question your mental stability though.

#7 Posted by MaFoLu (1871 posts) -

Like a boss! 
How many controllers did you break? I've heard that controller-throwing is a common side effect of playing this game.

#8 Posted by zudthespud (3328 posts) -
#9 Posted by chu52 (428 posts) -

And if anyone asks this is ultimate s rank get

#10 Posted by WalkerD (485 posts) -
@Lights_Up_The_Shaft: Testicles of steel.
@Stackboy: Years and years of pure platforming training for this moment. 
@MaFoLu: Usually I would be throwing my controller across the room after every hundred deaths or so. But something about this games difficulty seems... fair. 

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Have my babys :O

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